Corpse Party: The Ring

For Naomi, Satoshi, Ayumi, Yoshiki and Yuka the weight of living with their friends death was a heavy one.
Searching frantically for anything that could promise the life of their friends, Ayumi found a spell using black magic.
But a girl swoops in but not like a knight in shining armour, but rather a knight with a shiny ring resting on her thumb.


2. Chapter One

A/N The Names for the OC will be English names because I can...? Sorry if you don't like this or are uncomfortable with it.

She understood. One day she seemed calm, happy, preparing for the festival and then cleaning up for it but then the next day she was classed as 'Crazy' as she cried for a friend that was non-existent.

But did she really deserve this? The stares, the whispers and even sometimes the direct "Hey, Crazy!"

It was sometimes during these direct insults that Naomi would feel tears pricking behind her eyelids and a list of 'What If's' would race through her mind.

What is she just kept her mouth shut?

What if she just pretended that this was a phase?

What if she hadn't gotten into a fight with Seiko?

Of course, when the last question was asked Naomi was sure she was going to cry at the mention of her deceased best friend's name. But before anything drastic happened, Satoshi normally showed up and said something like "You're the crazy one if you think this is ok," or some speech about kindness before taking Naomi's hand and leading her away.

The same thing happened again. Just as it did everyday. But this time when they entered their class just before the bell rang, something was different.

Maybe it was the new air freshener that the annoying new teacher had put up or maybe the fact that Ayumi and Yoshiki were talking rather than an one-sided conversation.

Naomi noticed the way that Ayumi seemed almost hopeful.

None of the four had seen that emotion in a long time it seemed. Yuka probably saw that expression everyday in her friends that had high hopes for the future.

Naomi remembered a person who had a hopeful expression on her face all the time.


Until she killed her.

Feeling tears pricking at the back if her eyelids, Naomi took a deep breath before focusing on the work in front of her.


"I have a way to get them back."

Satoshi, Naomi, Ayumi and Yoshiki stood outside Kisaragi Academy that locked up minutes before. Satoshi called Yuka and told her to make her own way home as he was going to hang out with his friends. It wasn't as if Satoshi didn't think his sister wasn't adult enough to talk about Heavenly Host but rather that he wanted to keep these things hidden from her so she could live her life.

Naomi didn't want to go home as her mother would always talk to her with this plastic, happy voice that frankly annoyed Naomi a lot. She preferred to stay out and come home late so her mother would fluster and worry so it was almost like before all this happened.

Yoshiki was happy to have something to focus on. When he didn't have anything to do he would go back to his empty apartment and do nothing but think of everyone that died in Heavenly Host and every time it would hit him that they were really dead, that they weren't coming back. Every time it hurt just as much as the first.

Ayumi was just happy because she had finally found something to help all her friends that were stuck at the haunted school. It was better than constantly looking at her older sister's black magic book that Ayumi stole. The book held the promise of her friend's revival but the side affects were quite drastic. So drastic that when Ayumi told them, Naomi, Satoshi and Yoshiki instantly ruled it out.


The three were shocked. Yoshiki less shocked as Ayumi more or less told him in class but every time the thought of saving his friends sent a jolt that made him think that it wasn't the end just yet.

"Yeah," Ayumi grinned at the shocked expressions of her friends, "There's a woman that thinks she can help us!"

"Did you put our story on the internet for everyone to think we're crazy?" Satoshi gasped in disbelief.

"That's the best part. I didn't find her. She found me."

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