Livina is a Succubus, a supernatural creature that lives on sex. She was Made by a shadowy figure in an alleyway on a rainy night and now she lives each day in search of answers.


2. Drugs in a Warehouse.

I tilted my head in mock sweetness. The asshole was still bragging away to his friend about how he was “totally going to tap that ass” and “ride it hard”. Pretending it didn’t bother me was the hardest part of the night. The meth had me so high I could barely stand still but it wasn’t the hit I was looking for. There was nothing sweeter than draining everything from some douchebag that didn’t know what the word “no” meant.

     I had started to think this guy was more bluster than rape but his constant bragging had started to wear on my nerves. Another five minutes ticked agonisingly by before I snapped. Stalking over to him, I smiled sweetly at his friends before grabbing the guy by the nuts and dragging him off. He jumped a little, but crowed in victory and was waved off by four drunken guys who all simultaneously started dry-humping inanimate objects. Ugh, men.

     “So, hey baby, where’s the party at?” He slurred, hiccupping and tripping over his own feet.

     “Shut up and get in here.” I muttered, shoving him into the room. I left the lights off, the moonlight showed me enough to navigate to the bed and from there it was all instinct. I switched my mind off, letting my body take over. The guy was shoved onto the bed, held down as I stripped off his pants. The alcohol made him slow, weak. The drugs made me powerful, and my own abilities made me a goddess. There was nothing this creep could do to hurt me now, and once I was done with him he wouldn’t hurt anyone else ever again.

     He moaned, lying back on the bed and going limp, blood rushing to his dick. “Yes, baby, yes, please.” He panted, his hips pumping in little thrusting motions. Pre-come pearled at the top of his shaft and I writhed, pushing my tiny dress up my hips and my lace panties down my legs. Straddling him, I lowered myself onto his shaft, bliss radiating from my core as I felt something click inside me. There was no stopping my power now. It was a shame he looked like a quick-release. Just a few pumps in and he came, triggering my own release. He poured his life into me and I took it all, feeling the rush spread through me. I came and came hard, light flaring behind my eyes.

     Panting, I slowly came down from the high, my entire body still humming with the rush of feeding. Sighing, I slipped off my hit and reclaimed my panties. Sparing a glance towards the body, I winced and looked away, feeling my other, more chemical high slipping away. Sucking in a deep breath I rifled through his pockets and the drawers in the room. There were a few bills that I pocketed, but nothing much. I hadn’t expected stacks of bills, and the fifty I had pulled would keep me going for a little bit.


“Girl, you already wired, what you need another hit for?” Johnny said, slipping me the packet anyway.

     “What happened to no questions, J-man?” I asked, slapping the bills into his hand.

     “Gotta look out for the interest of my clientele. You’re my best customer Li. Don’t want your to overdose and go dying on me.” He shrugged.

     “You’re all heart J-man.” I turned on my heel to go when he grabbed my arm. Yanking away from his grip, I spun. The heel of my hand went to his throat and I backed him up against the wall. “Now, now. You don’t want to get on my bad side.”

     “Hey!” He threw his hands in the air. “I’m just looking out for you girl. Man what happened to you? You used to be a sweet kid.”

     I let him go and backed off. “A lot, Johnny. A lot. Don’t grab me again.”

     He scampered off, throwing a look back over his shoulder that I had seen before. He was scared of me, but the beauty of having the same dealer for years was knowing the guy wouldn’t punk out and bail just because he was a little spooked. Money was money, right?

     I jogged along the street, looking for my usual spot. The warehouse district was quiet, rare for a Friday. There was usually some sort of rave going on. Good fun if the rave was marketed more to college kids than tweens. I ducked into the damp, breezy building and stuck my hand into the crack in the concrete.

     The pipe was pristine, still as clean and shiny as when I had first gotten it. Running my hands along the glass, I took in a deep breath and tamped down the nagging doubts that tried to spring to mind. I picked up the lighter next to it. A piece of bright orange plastic, almost gaudy. It seemed appropriate. Slipping the meth out of my pocket, I looked at it for a little while, inspecting the powder. It was such a deceptive thing. It could almost be salt, or sugar. Snorting to myself, I ripped open a small wooden box and tossed it in with the other packets.

     I took a breather, sitting back against the wall. Johnny had been right, I was already wired. More drugs wouldn’t do anything for me, wouldn’t even give me an overdose. The warehouse was dark, and my vision hadn’t improved for being bumped up the food chain. There was something peaceful about the dark. No people, no pressing music, no expectations. There was nothing for me to do but sit and take in the night. It was rare, this feeling of peace and I could only find it after a feed. Gnawing hunger isn’t all that much in the way of fun.

     A scurrying sound and a clash of metal snapped me out of my blissed mood and I sighed. Feeling absently around on the floor next to me, I picked up the pipe and then the lighter. Taking a packet at random from the bottom of my box, I carefully went through the motions of measuring a small amount out into the bulb of the pipe. From there I put the rest of the drug away while I held the pipe to my lips and swirled the lit lighter underneath it. As the crystal vaporised, I sucked in, feeling the smoke go all the way into my lungs. After the second drag I could feel it taking effect.

     Meth isn’t like what they teach you in school. It isn’t some maniacal thing that gets into your veins and gets you all “hopped up”. It’s slow, peaceful. I could sit around all day, provided I didn’t start thinking active thoughts. It took away the worry and the pain and it made everything okay, at least for a little while. And who needs sleep when the world is suddenly alright and stress free? Not that I could sleep anyway.

     Finishing the point, I cleaned the pipe and hid my stash back in the crack. My need to sleep completely tamped down, I headed back out with a spring in my step. It was a five minute walk to the fast food joint. Cringing as the smell hit me, I tried very hard not to think about what I was about to do. The cops targeted people that were super-skinny and looked pale for drug use, that and the last of my family to give a shit had begged me to eat at least once a day.

     Pasting on a smile, I walked up to the counter and stood in front of this kid who had a bored expression on his face. He looked half off his face himself. “What can I get you?” He droned.

     “Cheeseburger, fries and a coke.” I said, my stomach clenching at the words. The urge to puke was there, but I had a handle on it. It wasn’t the first time I would have had to choke down my dinner.

     A few challenging moments passed before the guy finally handed over my grease-fest. The hairs stuck up on the back of my neck and not because of the food. Looking around, I spotted a guy sitting in a shadowy corner of the restaurant. He was staring at me openly, a smug grin on his face. He crooked a finger and tossed his head back.

     My eyebrows rose and I ignored the asshole in the black leather jacket and short-cropped hair as I took my tray to the other end of the restaurant.

     “Yo!” He called.

     I rolled my eyes. Really? Yo was the best he could come up with? I unwrapped my burger and cringed again at the smell of warm meat, cheese and grease. Taking a bite, I shut my eyes and tried to think about stars. Or a movie. Or something that was not food.

     “Nice, huh? Now me, I prefer the chicken burgers. With mayo.” Jacket slid into a chair opposite me. “Now what is a pretty little Sucker like you doing all alone? You in need of a lollipop?”

     “I’m sorry?” I said, taking a sip from my cola.

     “Oh, I get it. You’re one of those. Let me ask you something, you Suckers ever starve by playing hard to get?” He leant back in his chair. “Not that it’s not sexy and all, but sugar? I prefer my little treats a little easier to get, you know?”

     “Oh, yeah, whatever. Now get out of my face.” I smiled at him and took another bite out of my cheeseburger. There was one thing to be said for talking to douchebags, it really took one’s mind off of food induced nausea.

     “Succubus.” He said more harshly, leaning back in close and grabbing for my wrist.

     I slammed his hand into the table and stood. “I said get out of my face.”

     “Aw, come on, don’t be like that.” He stood and held his hand, looking at me incredulously.

     “Look, I don’t know who you are or what you want but I am just here for a meal. Either get out of my face or I will have to get up in yours.” I popped a fry into my mouth and stared him down.

     “Bitch.” He muttered, walking away.

     It was his lucky day. I was full up and riding a high, so I let him walk away. A girl appeared beside him and he nodded towards me. My mouth went dry because the girl had literally appeared. They were like me, supernatural. A chill ran down my spine and my body kicked it up a notch until shivers wracked through my body. All of a sudden the food meant next to nothing. Screw deathbed promises, supes were dangerous, and these guys didn’t look like the ones I was looking for anyway.

     I ditched the food and bailed, getting the hell out of dodge. Fifteen minutes later and I let myself relax. I had taken the long route back to the warehouse and I was fairly sure that no-one had followed me. The supes hadn’t even seen me slip out.

     Walking through one of the lesser-used doors I froze, all of my senses running on overdrive. My adrenaline kicked back into gear as I crept forwards slowly. I could see some light ahead, and hear the soft talking of two voices.

     “Are you sure it’s her?” A feminine voice asked.

     “I think it’s worse than we thought.” A male voice responded.

     “Why? You caught her out?” She responded.

     “No, but she didn’t respond like one of ours. I’m not sure she knows what she is.” He kicked something across the floor and it skittered into a wall.

     “She’s quiet for a castaway.” She replied.

     “Not quiet enough.” He replied.

     “No, not nearly quiet enough.” Another voice came from behind me, deep and smooth.

     I tensed and felt warmth creep up behind me. “Aw crap.” Was all I got out before something impacted the back of my skull.

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