adopted into a new life

I was put in an adoption centre, my family didn't want me. they didn't care,
my name is Emily, im currently 17 almost 18.
I've been in the adoption house for maybe 13 years I've been adopted a few times but they all treated me shit and sent me back eventually... until...


1. adoption centre

-emilys pov-

ew Emily looked at me' a girl whispered from the other side of the room,

ew what a whore, I sigh getting up and grabbing my guitar and climbing out the window. I get to the top of the roof and start to strum to the guitar

"you cant go to bed without a cup of tea" I sing,

music has been my way of livening so far, one direction Justin bieber

little mix and 5 second of summer have been how I cope in this shit hell!!!

"girls aged 13 and above report to the office room thank you!'

shouts the evil witch cami she runs this place,

I get back to my room and place my guitar down

I walk down to where we were called and sit away from everyone.

you see I don't want to get adopted ever again and im almost 18 which means I can leave soon and get my own place

I hear a few people talking and get my notepad out

"silly love"

I start to write a new song humming to it quietly

"bruised ears, lonely nights" I hum quietly

"hey what's that?" an Irish accent pulls me away from my concentration

a song im writing I mumble

"you write?" I look up to be met with baby blue eyes

"hey im Niall Horan." I slightly open my mouth and smile

"im Emily..  hope your having a good day aha" I look back down at my notepad and start thinking of new lyrics

"Emily... I like you... would you like be my brother? as im a little young to be a dad yet.." I smile big and nod happily. .

I mean why not HES MY IDOLLLLLL!!!!!!!

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