Weak for love

they weren't just one night stand. When Harry meets Jessica and spends night with her, he don't want to let her go.


5. i love you

I lied on sofa i was bit sick i had flu and i felt so miserable. It was autum and outside was cold and raining i heard my door bell ring i wrapped the blanket around me and walked to the door. Curly haired boy smiled to me and wrapped his arms around me. "Jesica!" He said as he kissed my head.he closed the door and followed me to sofa were i burried my self under blankets an pillows. "Awwn look at you." He said smiling to me. "What?its cold?" I said. "Yeah yeah" he said and got next to me under the blankets. "You are warm." I said and he pulled his arm around my shoulder and looked me. "Better?" He asked. He looked me and leaned closer to my face looking my lips. I knew what he was going to do next so i pulled my face further "harry, i dont want you to get sick too." I said. He smiled to me and said. "Oh Jess. I dont care, i want to kiss you so bad, if i get sick too it means i can spend more time with you." And then he gently pulled my face closer to his and cruhed his soft lips against mine. We sit there under blankets and kissed each others like there was no tomorrow. When we pulled away to catch breath i noticed that i had moved to his lap my hands were on his shoulders and his arms were around me pulling me closer to him.he kissed my neck and colar bones and i felt him left love bites to my neck and cest. "Im going to make you feel so good." He wishpered to my ear. "Im tired." I said. He smiled and brushed my hair out of my face and said. "I will take care of you." He said.i nod and smiled weakly. He lifted my up and carried me to my bedroom and lied me there. He took my clothes away he was full dressed and i was naked infront of him he took his shirt off and his boxers of and then went to my bathroom and came back. What was he planing? He came back. And got on top of me and kissed me hungrily he kissed his way down to my tights and teased my clint with his lips. I drew my head back and closed my eyes and moaned his name as i felt the pleasure crow inside me. When i came Harry licked every drop of me. "You taste so good." He groaned. I looked him and his green eyes were full of lust and desire. He kisse my lips softly and lifted me up the bed and caried me to bathroom. Now i know why he went there at first place. He put me to warm water and took his boxers of. And went in next to me. "He kissed my shoulder. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his lips on my skin. I sat on his lap and looked in his beautiful eyes and felt his hard under me. He stood up and took condom. And got back to the water and i sat back to his lap. He slipped slowly inside me and the same feeling came back again. The feeling of Harry inside me. It setted me on fire only kissing him made my heart skip a beat. "Let me make love to you." He whispered in my ear and started moving. This was different. He went much slower but deeper. And gave me sloppy kisses and i could feel his heart beat against my chest. When we pulled away he said "i love you Jesica" and kissed my cheek. My stomack twisted this time stronger. Now i knew why i felt this in my stomach i loved him too. "I love you too." I said and looked in hus eyes his eyes sparkled as he kissed me softly.

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