Weak for love

they weren't just one night stand. When Harry meets Jessica and spends night with her, he don't want to let her go.


4. butterfly

I woke up and felt warm arms around me. Harry? What was i doing here? I was wearing his shirt. What happened. "Harry!" I woke him up. "Yeah." He said with sexy morning voice. "What happened last night?" I asked. "You fall asleep i my car u changed you to more comfy clothes,we didnt do anything." He said eyes closed falling back to sleep. "Thanks Harry." I said an turned around and looked him. "Harry." i whispered. and he opened slowly and sleepy his eyes. i admired how his green eyes sparkled when he opened his eyes. "hey." he said and smiled to me. "Hi." i said. i just stared him and he smiled to me. "you are so cute."he said. "you are cuter." i said playing with his curls. "nope you are." he said and leaned closer. i put hand over my mouth. "what? you don't want to kiss me?" he asked bit socked.  "no.its not that, i haven't washed my teeth and my breath stinks." i said. "i don't care." he said and took my hand of my mouth and crushed his lips against mine. he moaned little as he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. "what are you talking about, you taste amazing." he said against my lips kissing me hungrily. i rolled my eyes and smiled to him. we lied at bed my head on his chest and we talked about random things. Harry wasn't only good kissing and doing something else, if you know what i mean. it was easy talk to him and he had sense of humor too. "lets get something to eat?" he said. "okay." i said and we got up. i brushed my teeth and brushed my hair and put my clothes on. Harry was cooking something to us and i walked his kitchen he was cooking shirtless and i smiled and hugged him behind. "what are you making?" i asked and rested my head on his shoulder. "some eggs and bacon." he said. "mmmmm i love bacon." i said licking my lips. i made us coffee and Harry put some bacon to my plate. "bon appétit"  Harry said. i just smiled. he sounded so sexy. lol.  "i'm so full." i said as we ate. "so what do you wanna do today?" Harry asked. "hmmm,i don't know." i said. "i think i will go home to change some clothes and then we can do something?" i asked. "wanna come with me?" i asked. "sure." he smiled. we got his car. we stood in front of my door. i noticed the door was open. Angie. she had key to my flat and she came over when she ever wanted to. "i think my friend is here." i said to Harry." okay,babe." he said. i smiled the sound of Babe. we walked inside. "so i think i will go change my clothes." i said. "okay i will wait here." Harry said. i kissed him and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed. and we pulled off when we heard terrible noise. like something just fell to floor. i turned around and saw Angie looking us wide eyes mouth open and his coffee cup was at floor. "Jesica Evelyn Wiliams!" she said and then stared Harry. "Harry this is my best friend Angie." i said to Harry who was smiling little. "How come you neverrr told me you were with Harry freaking Styles! you owe me some explanations." she said. "c'moon don't be dramatic, you never asked his name so.." i said. "well." she said. "chill." i said to her and walked over her. "now i will go change my  clothes and don't rip him apart when i come back he better be in one peace." i said to Harry. "i won't rip him apart, you stupid." Angie said and rolled her eyes.


---Harry's pow---

"so you and Jesica?" Angie said. "yeah, i ques so." i said. i wasn't sure if i and Jesica were dating we had this thing. but today i was going to ask her. "okay... i bet you are nice guy Harry, but if you break Jesica's heart, i promise  you wont live." she said,she sounded death serious. "i won't, i won't never do that to her, i care about her." i said. "good. and remember i wont hesitate to kick your ass if you hurt her, it wont be my first time when i have done something like that." she said."i won't. wait? what are you talking about? how many's asses have you kicked?" i asked  i wasn't sure if this girl was joking. "don't tell her i told you. but her earlier boyfriends hasn't been so nice to her. all of them had cheated her or hurt her and there was this Ben who totally crushed her year ago... he did horrible things to her." Angie said with serious tone. i knew there was something what Jess wasn't telling me she seemed that she had broken. but there was no way i was going to hurt her. i wanted to protect her for everything i could. she was something special. "i see. i won't tell her. i promise, i wont hurt her. it would be the last thing i would do." i said to Angie. she smiled little and nod. "i'm readyy." Jesica said as she came. she was wearing flower dress and she looked so beautiful. what was she doing to me. i was breathless. "woah. you look beautiful."i said as i admired her. "thanks." she blushed. i wrapped my arms around her and pecked her lips. "i was thinking that do you want to go to this park with me?" i said. "sure." she smiled. gosh that smile. that weird feeling what i had ever felt before but what came everytime i saw Jesica was jumping in my stomach.


--Month later---- Jesica's pow---


i was waiting Harry to come pick me up, again i was going to spend day with him. i saw his car and felt my self smile like crazy. "hey beautiful." he said as i got into his car. "hey Harry." i smiled and kissed him. i had been dating with him like month now. Harry was something different i had ever felt before. of course i have had boyfriends before but none of them were like Harry. Harry was all i could wish for. he asked me to be his girlfriend when we walked to that park month ago. and after that we haven't slept together i mean having sex. we decided that we didn't want our relationship just be sex that we get to know each others first.we got into Harry's flat. "so i was thinking we could spend Lazy day,watching movie and cuddling." Harry said. "hmmm. maybe." i said. "what?" he smirked. i kissed his lips and wrapped my arms around him. "are you sure?" he asked between kisses. "sure than i could ever been, and even if i'm not how can we stop now."i said kissing him hungrily. "true." he said. lifting me up and i wrapped my legs to his waist and he carried me to his bedroom. i took his shirt of and he took my shirt and shorts of  i noticed new tattoo in his chest. it was huge butterfly. i run my fingers on it and kissed his neck. he took my bra off and kissed my chest hungrily causing  me to moan. i took his jeans of and his boxers. "someone is´eager.." he said sexily. i just moaned while he kissed me. he took condom from his drawer and opened the packet with his teeth i looked him as he rolled it on his hard boner. "you are so sexy." he moaned and lied on top of me. slowly he pulled in and i drew my head back and moaned he sucked my neck. when he was fully inside me he started move slowly out and in. "faster." i moaned. he moved faster. he gave me sloppy kisses while thrusting into me hard. i felt the pleasure build inside my stomach i was close. "you are so tight." he moaned and went faster. "Harry i'm going to come." i moaned. "hold it. come in three." he said and kissed me. "one, two three." Harry said and i felt my wall tighten around him. and felt he twist inside the condom and the wave of pleasure hit my body. he pulled out and fell next to me. and we breathed hard sweat covering our bodies. "that was amazing." he breathed. "tell me about it."i said and snuggled to his shoulder. i run my fingers on his stomach and looking his new tattoo. "you have got new tattoo." i said. "yep." he said and smiled. "do you have reason why? or did you just took it." i asked looking him. "i feel like huge butterfly is inside my stomach every time when i'm with you so... i decided to tattoo it." he said. "really." i asked. he took tattoo for me? "yep." he nod. "awwn Harry thats so sweet." i said and kissed him. "you know what?" i said. "yeah?" he asked. "i love you." i said kissing his lips softly. he smiled widely. "i love you more." he said and got on top of me and kissed me hungrily. first time of my life i was happy. and i didn't want it to end. i fell asleep in Harry's arms.


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