My brothers best friend (neymar jr.)

I can't believe this is happening. I never thought I would fall for him. We've known each other since birth. This can't be happening. Especially since he's my brothers best friend....

Read to find out what happens when Oscar finds out that his sister is dating his best friend Neymar.


8. chapter 7

Bella's POV

After the victorious win, one team member decided to throw a huge party at his cabin. I was refusing to go but Oscar and Neymar forced me into going to prevent another incident happening. I wasn't really the party type. I would have much rather went back to the hotel, changed into my pajamas, kicked my feet up and watch tv.

As we walked into the cabin, I could practically smell the alcohol dripping off everyone's body. I wasn't much of a drinker either but a cup here or there never hurt anyone. Everywhere I turned there were people making out. Gross. I thought this was suppose to be a victory party not another teen raided party like in the movies. Oscar and Neymar wandered off with their friends so I decided to grab a drink and head over to the sofa. As soon as I sat down, a couple making out came and practically threw themselves on the couch where I was sitting. "Get a room," I screamed getting up. 'I'm gonna need another drink,' I told myself. I headed to the kitchen to grab myself a second cup and headed outside where it was a little less hectic. I sat in the middle of the grass looking up at the stars counting them. I was so focused on the stars that I didn't notice someone stroking my hair. That was until they started pulling on it that I regained focus. "What the hell," I said turning around to see who it was. "Heeelllooooo beautiful lady," he said. He was obviously drunk and I didn't want to deal with it, so I walked back inside and poured yet another drink. I just needed to get my mind somewhere else for the night.

After i finished my third cup i started to get kinda dizzy. I went to look for Oscar and Neymar. I searched the living room. Not there. I went to the kitchen. Not there either. I headed upstairs to check the rooms. I opened the first bedroom door and shut it close immediately. 'That was definitely an image I did not want to see,' I said to myself. 'I seriously hate these parties.' "Ayyy Bella there you are." I tuned around to see who it was. "Neymar there you are! Where's Oscar?" "Who knows duuudeee probably hooking up with one of these soccer fans," he said. I could tell he was drunk by how he was talking and also by noticing the beer bottle in his hand. Was Oscar really hooking up a girl he didn't even know?! Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that was Oscar in the bedroom I opened up. Ohmygod gross. I quickly took the beer bottle out of Neymars hand and chugged it down. With every step I took after that, it felt like I was walking on a super thin rope and was about to fall off. The room started spinning and my speech was getting slurred. I was nearing the edge of the stairs when I tripped over my own feet. Luckily a pair of big, muscular hand caught me before I tumbled down. Everything was still blurry so I couldn't make out who it was. I looked at his face trying to get a clear image but it was no use, the blurriness wouldn't go away. I saw his face getting closer to mine. I felt his breathing on my neck. Then I felt his lips on my lips. The kiss was light at first. He then pushed me to the wall, strengthening the kiss. I opened my mouth to let his tongue slide through. I didn't know who this guy was but he was so yummy. I tried closing and opening my eyes slowly to try to regain some of my vision. It actually started to work after a couple times. I closed my eyes one last time hoping I would regain all my vision this time and see who this yummy guy kissing me was. On the count of three, I thought. One. Two. Three. I opened my eyes slowly finally getting to see who this guy was.

Oh god. What have I done....

A/N: Updated again as I promised!! Who do you think this yummy kisser is?!😂 Please feel free to leave comments saying what you think of this story. I enjoy reading what you guys have to say. I hope you enjoyed!!

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