My brothers best friend (neymar jr.)

I can't believe this is happening. I never thought I would fall for him. We've known each other since birth. This can't be happening. Especially since he's my brothers best friend....

Read to find out what happens when Oscar finds out that his sister is dating his best friend Neymar.


6. chapter 5

The car ride felt so long. It felt like we were driving up and down hills; it was unusual because I haven't seen many hills since we got here. The car finally came to a complete stop, and I heard the door open. "Can I take the blindfold off now?" I asked. It was really starting to hurt from how tight it was wrapped around my face. "No not yet!" He helped me out of the car and inside his house, I think. "Have a seat." He gently placed me down on a wooden kitchen chair I suppose. I heard some rattling coming from the opposite side of the room. It started getting closer and closer. I felt something cold touch both of my wrists. "Omg you got me silver bracelets?!" I asked excitedly. "Ehh something like that," he said. I heard something click on both of my wrists and I suddenly couldn't move my hands apart. "What the hell?" All of a sudden my body was getting tighter to the chair and I couldn't move at all. I felt something, like a wet towel, hit my nose and I starting getting extremely dizzy until I went into complete blackness(not just because I was still wearing the blindfold).

**Neymars pov

"Dude that was such a good practice! I can't believe I made 5 goals in a row!" I yelled. "Stop showing off we all know you're the best player on the team," Oscar said annoyed. We walked towards the bleachers to call Bella. "do you see her?" Oscar asked. "No, maybe she back to the hotel," I said reassuringly. I could tell Oscar was panicking. We got to the hotel as fast as we could and Oscar zoomed up to the room. He barged in and searched every room, but she was no where to be found. "What the hell! Where could she have gone?" Oscar screamed while pacing around the room. "Maybe she went to the mall, you know how much she loves shopping," I suggested.

We arrived to the nearest mall and asked everyone if they had saw her. of course they all said no.

**Oscars pov

I couldn't take it anymore. I literally fell to the ground and started crying. Neymar came to try to comfort me but I pushed him away. I know this isn't a manly thing to do, but she's my sister!! As I recovered from my dramatic scene, I started heading towards the exit. That's when some one tapped my shoulder. He was only a couple inches taller than me and had big brown eyes. "May I help you?" I asked. "Look how big you've gotten. I remember when you were a little boy. I'm your uncle Dan, your dads brother. I saw your sister here a couple hours ago and took her to my home. Why don't you boys come with me to pick up Bella?" He asked. As we walked into his car, he handed both of us blindfolds.....

Omgggg suspenseful 😁😁😁

Let me know what u think!!

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