Just a Fan

Brianna was Just a fan of One Direction.She didn't just Love them as a Band.She went to a Concert of One Direction , After that day her life changed. Do you want to know what Happened ? Then Read :))


4. "Would You Mind If i ....."

Next day...

 Jasmin's POV.
"So You said that you like Niall, Right?" I asked Emily.

"Well Yeah I do,He is so cute" she smiled "And who do you like?"

I don't really know..Maybe Zayn ...I don't know. "I like them all, You know I am a Directioner" I tried not to tell them who and Yeah it was the truth I like them all But I don't know  Zayn is Special to me.

"We know you are a Directioner. But who do you like ? Is there anyone of them is Special to you?" She asked

"Um No i don't think so, well all of them i said" I answered and she nodded her head slowly "So what about you Brianna?" I changed the subject "It's gotta be Harrryyyyyy" Emily screamed and we laughed. I heard my phone ringing "I will be back girls" I walked  and answered the Phone
"Hello?"I answered

"Hi is that ..Uh Jasmin?" The other line asked. His voice was Familiar
"Yeah I am Jasmin. Who are you? Can I help you?
"Haha I am Zayn.Zayn Malik and Yeah you can Help me" He answered

Did He just say that was ZAYN FREAKING MALIK.Come down Jasmin, Come down don't fangirl.

"Oh Hi How are you all doing" I said trying to act normal

"We will be Fine if you girls came today to Our House" What the...Did he jut ask us to go "If You like that, we just wanted to know you all more" He completed. Oh GOD 

"Yeah Sure we would like to..What time should we come?" I asked

"At 2..2 pm . OK?" He asked

"Yeah See you later " I said

"see you later" He said

I hung up It's ... 1 pm Now. we only have 1 hour to go to His ...House. Ugh i am so stupid I didn't ask him where does He live. I am texting him.

"Hi Zayn It's me Jasmin. I am sorry I didn't ask where do you live?:)" I sent

Harry's POV.

Zayn was talking on his Phone. I don't know with who. He hung up and ran upstairs, He left his phone on the table in front of me. Someone sent a Message . There will be No problem If i read it, He is my Best friend.


"Hi Zayn It's me Jasmin. I am sorry I didn't ask where do you live?:)"

Zayn came back and asked me what's wrong and I showed him his phone "What is that??"I asked. He texted he back

"They are all coming today, oh sorry I forgot to tell you" He said.

"So I am the last one to know that?" I asked

"Nah, You are the third" He smiled

"And who is the First?" I asked

"The first was Niall" He answerd
"And the Second?" I asked again


"Third?" I asked

".....Um Me, I guess" He said

"What.. you should be the first one"

"I know,I know But I just called her and didn't know what to say or why did I even call her" He said, I nodded my head. Well Jasmin is Coming That means Brianna is Coming too, I am really Happy. I wanted to see her again."Is she coming?" I asked without Mentioning her Name.

"Yeah she is" Zayn answered and I smiled. wait what !! How did he know I was talking about Her or who she was

"Wait Who do you think I am talking about?" I asked

"The one" Louis winked
"Brainna" Zayn Laughed

How did they even know. I looked confused.
"It's obvious, we all know that you like her" Louis said

" You meant 'Love' " Niall corrected him

"Oh Yeah I meant 'we all know that you LOVE her" Louis looked at me

"Uh Guys...I don't know what to say BUT please don't tell her" I said

"Why Not?" Zayn asked "It would be Awesome if you tell her or if she knows.."

"Well If you tell her I will tell Jasmin " I Smirked

"Tell Her what?"

"Bro,It's obvious, we all know that you like her" Louis said

"Shut up " Zayn said

"So You tell Brianna , I tell Jasmin" I said

"Ok..."Zayn said

We waited them

"What time are the coming?" I asked Zayn

"2 " He looked at his watch. It's 1:58

"2 Minutes Left..." I smiled

Louis and Zayn Laughed . Louis said "Why do you think that they will come at 2. Maybe 2:05, 2:06,2:09, 2:-" "STOP" Zayn said. "Louis, You are Annoying " Niall said and we all laughed.

"Guys where is Liam?" Louis looked confused

"I think He is asleep" I said
"No I was upstairs But he wasn't" Niall answered

After 10 Min

They came. we hugged them then we sat down. I talked to Brainna, we got to know each other more. "Who is your Favorite from One Direction?" I asked "You..You all " she smiled

"your Weakness? Or your 'crush' from us" I asked 

"It'sss.....Liam" She answered and I didn't want that answer.

Brianna's POV.

"Who is your Favorite from One Direction?" He asked me ..I wanted to say 'you' But That would be weird or awkward "You...You all" I said. I was about to say that was him But i don't know what Happened, But to be Honest I like them all.

"your Weakness? Or your 'crush' from us" Oh fuck... should I say it's Him...

"It'sss..Liam" Why did I say Liam Omg I am just...uh

He looked Upset But I don't think that my answer was the reason to upset him. He doesn't know me, He saw me Just one time and this is the second.

He looked down for Minutes and then at me " I want to ask you something"

"Yeah Sure" I waited His question

"Well I Love someone and I don't know how can I tell her or should I not tell her" He broke my heart. But I smiled

"Um Just do what you heart tells you" I said and he nodded

we didn't talk after that.He was thinking about that Girl, I mean that Lucky girl.But But I love him more than anything.After seconds He held my Hands.I didn't want to let his hands go so I didn't mind.But I can't stop thinking about that Girl.Does she exist? Or she is Not real and he just created it to hurt me like I did when I told him that I like Liam.I don't know I will just stop thinking about That. This is the Life.

After 30 minutes..

Louis came and asked us if we were going Dinner with them Harry accepted.

He asked me if I can go with him in his car and I said Yes.I went with Him and we didn't talk.

We arrived to the restaurant I was about to open the door But He said "Brianna?" I turned back at him and answered "Yes Harry?"

"Would you mind If I....."

A/N: I hope you like it. And Please don't hate this is my First Story :)

Love u Readers Xx

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