Just a Fan

Brianna was Just a fan of One Direction.She didn't just Love them as a Band.She went to a Concert of One Direction , After that day her life changed. Do you want to know what Happened ? Then Read :))


1. Getting Ready

Brianna's POV.


 Omg I can't believe I am going to One Direction Concert Tomorrow, with Jasmin and Emily. It's gonna be the best day. "Don't fangirl Tomorrow Please Emily" I said joking "I will try not to.I never saw you fangirling, we met celebrities ,But you never did?" Emily asked confused. "It's Normal, you can just be excited inside yourself Plus they don't like anyone to scream in their faces" I said trying to explain "Ooh I will try not to fangirl, I said 'i will Try'." Emily said. "So what are you girls gonna wear Tomorrow ?" Jasmin asked Happily "I don't know Just some jeans and-"I didn't finish my sentence 'cause jasmin looked shocked and said "Are You serious? what if Harry looked at you? He will see you with Normal Shirt and Jeans" "Yeah.." I said "No, you have to wear a really good dress and some high heels," Jasmin said "and let you hair down" she completed. "I will put the Make up!" Emily said "OK" I said Emily's POV. Oh my god I want to see One Direction Now, but those two girls are shopping for tomorrow "How many Minutes are left to go back home" I asked Bored. "You mean Hours " Brianna said. "WHAT!" I said shocked "Yup! We are staying here all the day " Jasmin said while picking dresses. "Omg, that Black dress is amaZAYN" Brianna said looking at a pretty dress. "Yes, It's really good" I said trying Not to be bored."Ok, Let's go to buy these dresses" Jasmin said Pointing at the shopping car. "Wait, we are going to buy 10 Dresses" I said staring at them "Yeah" Brianna said. "No" Jasmin said looking at the dresses. "So why did you put them in the car" I asked. "Uh You don't understand. I said 'No' because you said that they are 10, They are not 10, they are 15" Jasmin said looking at me and raising her eyebrow. "15!!" I asked. "Yes 15.Is it a bad number" Brianna asked."Um I guess It's-" I wanted to say too much But they though i said it's a bad number "Oh you don't like the number , It's OK.I will solve the problem in 1 minute" Jasmin said while looking around, she saw another Black dress. She took it and said "Beautiful". "Yeah! We solved the problem, Emily" Brianna said while taking the dress from Jasmin and putting it in the car."You said you didn't like 15 so Now the number is 16. Do you like this number?" Jasmin asked "Um Yeah" I said. I didn't know they would buy 16 Dress!! That's too much and we are only 3. That's weird. we were going back to the house, we live in the same House.

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