Just a Fan

Brianna was Just a fan of One Direction.She didn't just Love them as a Band.She went to a Concert of One Direction , After that day her life changed. Do you want to know what Happened ? Then Read :))


3. At the Concert

At the Concert..

Jasmin's POV.

Oh God .. "I am so happy " Emily said. "Me too" Brianna said. "They are so Hot" Emily said staring at One Direction singing Best Song Ever from Midnight Memories Album. "I know they are.. "I replied. Omg Harry is Looking in this Way...At someone ..Here!!!. "W-why was H-Harry looking here at U-s?" Emily said and we knew she will fangirl soon. "I don't know..M-maybe because we are in the first row" Brianna said. "Maybe something else.."I said looking at Brianna then she laughed and said "Maybe..". They all kept looking at us, How weird and Scary. "I am scared" I said. "Me too" Brianna and Emily said in the same time. "What if our hair isn't good,our dresses or our make up ?" Emily said. "Omg that would be so.. Bad" I said. After couple of songs Harry was taking to Zayn then Zayn looked at us. Omg. "Emily, Brianna, Why is Zayn is looking at us" I asked scared of how we look like. "Oh Maybe he is just looking" Brianna said trying not to be scared. "No, something Happened. Harry was talking to him then he looked at us and laughed. DO WE LOOK BAD?"I said. "Aye we don't look bad B-But i don't know why are they looking." Emily said. we kept asking each other How we look like and is our Hair are okay or not. Zayn came to us and said "Haha, You all look beautiful Don't worry"."Oh Thank you so much" I said trying to act Normal. "But you guys scared us when you laughed at us" Emily said WITHOUT FANGIRLING!!Wow. He smiled and said "I was laughing because you all were so scared"."Do we look scared ?" Brianna asked " Yeah , a little Bit, But don't worry the fans didn't notice " He said ." You sure they didn't notice? They are all looking at us now Because you are here talking to us" I said looking around. "Um It's OK They are just looking at some Pretty girls that anyone can look at, Or we have to pay to look at you girls " He said Smiling, Omg His smile is Just...Uh No words. "People Pay to talk to us"Brianna said Joking. "Well, If I have to pay I will pay, Hold on". He said then he went to bring something."Wait a Minute. we were Just joking and talking To ZAYN MALIK" I said looking at them."Oh my god, That's like a dream" Brianna said."I am wondering what is he bringing" Emily said.He came back with a Paper and gave it to us. "That's Not money " Emily said joking "I don't accept Paper" She completed.It wasn't just paper. He flipped it and showed it to us ...It was their PHONE NUMBERS."Omg you guys can talk to us without paying " Emily said , I knew she didn't believe that was HAPPENING. "I though you said You don't accept Paper" He said Joking. "I do" Me and Brianna said . He laughed and gave it to us.after some Minutes he left  "Hold on, WE HAVE ONE DIRECTION PHONE NUMBERS!!" I said, I can't believe it. "Omg Jasmin, you are Fangirling I though it was only Emily"Brianna said ."I didn't Fangirl.I HAD HEART ATTACK"Emily said and we laughed."I am wondering what was Harry telling Zayn" I said Confused. "We don't know.But we will..Soon"Brianna Said. we were so tired of hearing Screaming girls.It is the last hour.To be honest,I wanna go home. They are all screaming next to us. "Ugh what are they throwing?" I asked rolling my eyes. "Different stuff" Brianna answered.Wait, some girls are throwing Bras..Seriously. "BRAS??" I asked confused and my voice was loud, Louis and Zayn Heard what I said and they started laughing. Suddenly some Girl threw a Bra on MY Head.. Brianna and Emily looked at me then laughed. I didn't throw the Bra back to her or at the Boys, It was disgusting to touch it. The Boys looked at me and started laughing, Niall was the loudest Of course.. Then Zayn came and Said "I want to Help you and put it somewhere, But it's Disgusting" He said Laughing Then Louis came with Bunch of Tissues and took them somewhere.That was really kind. He is My weakness, He is Just different But i still Love them all."Thank you So much, Louis" I said smiling. He smiled back and said "You're welcome". Then they walked away.we wanted to leave so bad But we also wanted to listen to the Music and see what were they doing.After 2 Hours Niall came to us and asked if everything is okay and Of course we said yes."Why are they focusing on Us. Only Us ?" Brianna asked. "No one knows" Emily answered. After some time Zayn came back to us and said "What is your Phone Numbers?" He asked. Why does he need our Phone Numbers..But we just wrote our Numbers on Paper and gave it to him. He smiled and walked to Harry and showed Him the Paper. Harry opened His Mouth then Zayn Started Laughing.That was Cool. After the concert Harry Came to us and said that we are Pretty girls. "Uh ..Th-thank-k Y-oou S-"Brianna didn't complete her sentence Now Brianna was about to Fangirl. He gave her a hug because she couldn't complete a sentence.  Emily came next to me and said whispering "How cute" I said "Yeah Super cute"."So what is your Name?" Harry asked us "Me? Emily and This is Jasmin and that is Brianna" Emily answered and Introducing us ."Brianna, Nice name " He smiled and looked at Brianna. Then we left. "I though you don't fangirl" I said Laughing. "I don't know..I just couldn't talk or reply" She answered.

Brianna's POV.

Harry Styles Hugged me!Oh My God. Now we are at Home. what are we going to do? "I am Bored" I said . "I am bored too" Jasmin said."Ok so what are they going to do with our Phone Numbers?" Emily asked while sitting next to us "No one knows" Jasmin replied. "Uh Let's do anything" I said bored. "It's 1:00 am what are we going to do?"Jasmin asked . "Sleep.." Emily said "Nah" I said . "ok Let's call Alice and ask Her if she can come " Jasmin Suggested. "Yeah" I said.We called Alice, Our Friend, and asked her if she can come and she said Yes she can come. When she came we ate Chips and Chocolate. "So did they boys Talk to you Girls"She said making fun of our Dreams "Yup Zayn,Niall,Louis and Harry" Jasmin said "Haha, and did they tell you they Love you Haha" She said. I knew she didn't believe "I'm serious" Jasmin said. "What ? Of course not". She said "Why Not. That actually Happened. We are not kidding" I said looking at her. "OMFG THEY DID ??" Alice said screaming. I laughed and said "Yeah If you don't believe us we can tell you EVERYTHING" "Yes Yes Tell me" She said Excited. We told he everything Happened and she was surprised and Happy for us. "That's Pretty Cool.You girls are Lucky" She said looking at all of us. We Played and Laughed the whole Night. It was really good night. "It's 6:13 am Now" Jasmin said looking at the clock "Let's sleep" Emily said. We had 4 bed rooms. I went to my room and the other did too. Alice Always sleep in the Extra room.

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