"Act, play, pretend, do whatever you have to do, just don't get caught."


1. Introduction

Harry Styles; Skinned 3 Mexicans, saying their sombreros annoyed him.

Arden Lynn; Abusive father, susicide attempts.

Niall Horan; secretly cutting off his girlfriends baginus, using the art of saduction.

Marielle Jossi; after a Halloween, she said she has been seeing spirits/ghosts, and speaking to thin air.

Liam Payne; Caught selling Penis' as salami.

Nina Presscott; Cutting, burning, murder.

Zayn Malik; People calling him ugly, resulting in him smashing mirrors over their heads, then slitting their throats.

Cryssy Blake; Attempting murder, attempt Suicide.

Louis Tomlinson; Shoving skittles down family throats while they were sleeping, killing them.

Madison Fae; Killed family at age 5, parents were abusive.

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