Teachers Pet

Savannah Pennington already has enough on her mind, from trying to juggle 3 jobs, helping out at home, and keeping up with her grades. So her new poetry teacher Mr. Bieber probably isn't the best thing to show up in her life... Or is he?


4. Chapter 4

Megan was in fact wrong about Mr. Bieber's eyes. They were a dazzling caramel brown.

I looked into his dazzling eyes as I shook his hand. He was wearing a black tux with a black tie and he had a blue trilby hat on.


"Hi, I'm Mr. Bieber." He said in a low voice.


"I'm Savannah." I said a little too fast, I'm just a tad bit nervous. I smiled and looked away. James squeezed the side of my hip and pulled me in closer to him.

Mr. Bieber reached out to shake James' hand, James took his arm away from me and shook his hand. I could feel that they gave each other an uneasy look.


We made our way to our usual seats, and sat down. James was behind me and Meg was to my left. Everyone had made it to their seats when the bell had rung.


"Alright class." Mr. Bieber said and clapped his hands. "As most of you know, I'm Mr. Bieber your new poetry teacher." He smiled to everyone. I could hear all the girls awing.

Luke, one of the best basketball players at our school, raised his hand.

Mr. Bieber looked over and called on him.


"Hi, um, what happened to Mrs. Ramsey?" Luke asked, I guess I never really wonder what ever happened to our old poetry teacher Mrs. Ramsey. She was a little coo coo for poetry, she always made us watch videos on old poetry writers, you name one and I bet we watched a documentary video on him or her.

She was honestly a nice teacher, she was a very short nice teacher, but I never really learned anything from her. This is one of the many classes that I struggle with. Even though I chose to take it, I still don't know anything about it.


"Great question." Mr. Bieber flashed another smile and then sat on the edge of his desk. "Mrs. Ramsey had sudden family issues; so I hope you all don't mind that it's going to be me substituting for her for the rest of the year?"


"Oh, I'm not complaining." Lexi, the school hoe said. Don't get me wrong, she's really pretty, but she gets with every guy. It gets kinda old hearing all about her sex stories.

I rolled my eyes at Lexi while the rest of the class quietly cheered that he was going to be with us for the rest of the school year. Which was about 7 months.


"Well good." Mr. Bieber smirked at Lexi. "Shall we get started?" He asked the class, nobody answered but I guess it's just a typical question to ask your class on the first day.

"So we're just going to start off where your teacher left off." He had a stack of papers in his hands.


"Shit." I mumbled under my breath. Those were the test that we took last week, and I totally bombed it. It was practically that we had to write a short poem and answer some questions.


"I'm going to call your name and then you can just come up and get your test." He once again smiled to us all.


He started naming off names. I was secretly praying that my name wasn't in the stack, even though I knew it was.


"Savannah Penningtin." He said pronouncing my last name wrong and looking around the class. I stood up and then our eyes met. I quickly looked away while I walked up to grab it.


"It's PenningTON, by the way." I said correcting my own teacher.

"I terribly sorry, Miss. Pennington." He said, I looked into his big brown eyes and he smiled at me with his white teeth. I smiled back at him and then walked back to my seat.

He listed off more names as I realized that I got a D on my test.


I sighed and laid back in my chair. One more bad grade in this class and I'll have to retake all my test and stay over winter break trying to get my grade up in all my classes... I can't let that happen. But it definitely doesn't help that I have a male attractive poetry teacher. The timing couldn't be worse. What is god trying to tell me?


"Now some of you did a great job, and others seemed to struggle a little." Mr. Bieber said walking around the front area and placing his eyes on me. I froze in my seat.

"If you were one of the ones who struggled, then you need to contact me and I can help give you a test retake." He said with his eyes still on mine. A couple of people turned to look at me because they saw that Mr. Bieber was staring me straight in the eyes.


"Well I don't know about the rest of the class, but I'm pretty sure we all did fine. And nobody needs to retake any test." James said interrupting Mr. Bieber's stare and standing up running his fingers through his dirty blonde hair. "Besides I put a lot of work into this test."


Mr. Bieber nodded his head taking in all that James had to say.

"Well, James, could you read your poem for all of us out loud?" He asked offering James to come to the front of the class to read his poem that he wrote on the test.

James hesitated and looked over at me. I shrugged my shoulders giving him the sign that I don't know what he should say or do.

He sighed, but the regained his confidence and walked to the front of the class room to read his probably terrible poem.


"You may begin." Mr. Bieber said crossing his scrawny yet muscular arms and then sat back down on the edge of his desk.


James cleared his throat. "Should I just give them my grade and then the poem, or should I read the poem and have them guess like it's a game show?" James said sarcastically. The class laughed.


"I think they'll know for sure your grade when you're done reading your interesting poem." Mr. Bieber shot him right back with his own medicine. There were a few 'oo' 's going around the class.


"Alright then." James rolled his eyes and then looked at me. I giggled a little and then shook my head at him.

"Have you ever noticed that school and vagina-" the class cut him off with laughter.

"This must be a really good poem if it has pussy in it!" Brad Grayson, the class interrupter, yelled and then high fives a bunch of his buddies around him.


"Alright." Mr. Bieber said standing up putting his hands in surrender to the class. I saw a little tattoo peeping out of his tux sleeve, in the center of his left arm. It wasn't fully visible, but I could tell it was a word. "Lets let James finish is poem."


"I guess I'll just start over." James said and then took a deep breath before he began. "Have you ever noticed that school and vagina both have 6 letters and they are empty holes of nothing that can hold screaming children for 9 months?" His poem was short and sweet... But not so much of the sweet part. His so called poem seems exactly like something he'd write.

"What the hell?!" A bunch of people started saying and laughing at the same time. James is pretty good at making people laugh.


"I'm guessing you got a C?" I shouted out over top of everyone. Mr. Bieber looked me straight in the eye.

"Yeah, C for cunt!!" Brad interrupted again while giving out another sessions of high fives to people all around him.


"Would you like me to escort you to the principles office?" Mr. Bieber threatened Brad. Brad calmed down a bit and shook his head no. "Sorry Miss Pennington, what were you saying?" He asked focusing his attention back on me.

"Umm, never mind." I said and then quickly looked away, hoping that he wouldn't focus on me anymore.

James took his seat and we proceeded on with class.


* *


The bell rung, indicating that it was time for us to get going. I began to walk to the front with Megan and James.


"Ugh, I am not ready for work." I sighed while walking up to the door of the class room.

"Oh my poor Vannah." James said with a pouty face. "You'll be fine." He said and the hugged me as we all began to walk out of the door.


"Uh, Miss Pennington!" Mr. Bieber called after me. I turned and so did Meg and James.

"Yes?" I said a little annoyed, not at him, but with that fact that I have to go to work still.

"Do you mind if you could stay after class for a second? I have to talk to you about your grades." He said smiling and standing up from his chair.

James put his hand around my waist and pulled me close to him. "Um, well I really have to get going right now."

"It will only take 4 minutes." He begged a little.

I looked up at James. "Can you wait for me?" I asked.

James smiled down at me. "Yeah." He said and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. He glared at Mr. Bieber and then him and Meg walked out of the classroom.


~ ~

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