Teachers Pet

Savannah Pennington already has enough on her mind, from trying to juggle 3 jobs, helping out at home, and keeping up with her grades. So her new poetry teacher Mr. Bieber probably isn't the best thing to show up in her life... Or is he?


2. Chapter 2.


I pulled into my drive way. I closed my eyes and sighed. Life is really hard for me here, I'm constantly having to give up my own money, do you know how hard it is to do that?


I then stepped out of my car and walked into my house. There was a loud noise of little kids laughing. I walked in more and found my 7 year old sister with her 'Boyfriend' Mason watching a cartoon. They were jumping around and dancing to the music.


"Hi Lilly." I say to my sister. "Hi Mason." I smile at him.


They both say hi at the same time. I walked into the kitchen and found my mom cooking dinner. Well that's surprising, she's usually at work.


"Hey mom?" I said a little confused. I set my bag down on the table and sat down in the chair.


"Hey Vannah. Hungry?" She asked turning around to look at me. Vannahs my nick name. When I was born Chris was only 4 and he couldn't pronounce Savannah, so he called me Vannah and the nick name just stuck with me ever since.


"Yeah... Uhh" I didn't know how to ask why she wasn't at work.


"I got a promotion." She smiled at me like she was reading my mind.


"WHAT?! That's amazing mom!" I got up and ran over to give her a hug.


"Thank you sweetie." We let go of the hug and she looked me in the eyes. "That means a lot coming from you." She laughed. I'm usually the quiet kid of the house, but I'm always at a party or somewhere trying to take my mind off everything.


I barely communicate with my own mom, well I used to when my dad was alive. But my relationship with my family dramatically changed when my dad got sick and died.


"So what did you get promoted to?" I asked with a big smile. I probably won't be having to give in any of my money now.


"I am now the new Manager of 'Clair's Cleaning Company'!" She said proudly said. That's the company that she's been working for, for 8 years. It's about time that she's got a promotion.


"I haven't even gotten to the best part yet." She said excitedly.


"There's more?" I said trying to regain myself.


"I'm making triple the pay I used to. So that means that I'm going to be home more often!" She jumped up and down and hugged me again. I had a look of shock on my face. I don't think that I can get used to having my mom home a lot. Everyone in my family is used to doing their own thing. I mean for crying out loud my sister has a boyfriend and she's only 7!


"Wow mom that's...that's... I'm really proud of you." I said pulling a really good smile on my face.

"Thank you sweetie. Now go wash up for dinner." She pushed me a little to go upstairs.

I grabbed my bag and headed to my room. Wash up for dinner? What does she think we're all of the sudden a rich family?


When I got upstairs I put on some sweats.


When I went down stairs I saw Chris setting the table. My mom brought some salad to the table and there was a box of pizza waiting for us to eat at the table as well. It's the usually dinner we have, except for the salad part.


I walked over to the table and sat down. I grabbed two slices of pizza and took a bite from one.


"Wait!" My mom stopped me from enjoying my food. I swallowed the half chewed chuck of pizza.


She walked over and sat down. "We have to say Grace." Okay now I think something's up with her, she never makes us say Grace, most of the time we just grab a slice and go to our rooms. Not that it's a bad thing about being grateful it's just that I don't have a lot to be grateful for.

Mason and Lilly walked over and sat down. Chris sat across from me and mom was at the head of the table.


We all joined hands and bowed are heads. My mom said a few words, I don't really think she knew how to say Grace but she tried.




Dinner was over and Mason and Lilly went up to Lilly's room to play. Chris, Mom, and me were all still siting at the table talking.


"Mom that's great!" Chris said to my mom after she bragged about getting the amazing promotion.


"I know, I can't wait to be home now and spend more time with you guys." I rolled my eyes at her comment, I doubt she will. She barely can have a conversation with me now. That's why I'm almost always gone and at someone else's house.


"So does that mean that me and Vannah can quit some of our jobs?" Chris asked looking at me and then back to mom. I looked at mom as well, I never thought of that question, maybe I can actually have some more free time.


"Well..." My mom trailed off and mumbled a few things.


Chris sighed. "Mom?"


"You guys... I quit 2 of my jobs so that I could make more time with you guys. I figured that you guys enjoyed your jobs." She looked at me and then Chris. "I'm really sorry."


There was a moment of silence. My blood was boiling, how could she do this to us?


"It's fine mom, you need some time off. From all you've done for us, you deserve it." Chris said to her. She smiled at him and patted his buff arm.


"I knew you would understand." She said to him and then she looked over at me probably expecting the same answer as Chris gave.


"No." I said and shook my head.


"No, what?" She asked in her fake 'I'm a mother and I really care' voice.


"No meaning I'm don't like my 3 jobs! No meaning I don't understand! No meaning no I don't want this to be my life!" I raised my voice.


"Savannah." Chris reached for me. I swung away.


"No Chris! You know it too. She's been taking advantage of us for almost 3 years now! And for her to quit her jobs and make her children work to keep a roof over their head makes me sick to my stomach." I said to him. Then I looked over at my mom. "What mother does such a thing?"


With that I got up and stormed off to my room. I changed into some jean shorts and I got my phone then packed an over night bag.


I walked back down the stairs and grabbed my car keys.


"I'm going to James' house. I mean if you care for me anymore." I say to my mom. She had a tear in her eye. Chris walked over to me.


"What do you think you're doing?" He whispered in my face and grabbed my arm.


I yanked it away from his grip. I squinted my eyes because of the pain. "I'm leaving this house." I rubbed where her was holding on to my arm.


"You're not going to James' house." He told me. James and Chris used to be friends when Chris was younger, and when I started to become friends with James too Chris stopped being his friend. I think Chris is just jealous of James because he thinks that I look at James as more of an older brother then Chris.


James is 2 years older then me, so he's a senior this year and we go to the same school. I spend a lot of time with him, but we rarely ever spend time alone together, there's always a friend that's with the two of us, but I doubt it will be awkward tonight.


"Yes I am, whether she cares or not." I said pointing to my mom who was standing a couple of feet behind Chris. She had a blank face. Chris looked behind at her. "See, she doesn't care."


Then I stormed out once again and ran to my car. I drove to James' house, it's 10 minutes away, but it's closer to our school.




I locked my car and walked up to his front door. My hands were shaking, I don't know why but they were. I'm lifted my arm and knocked my knuckles of his door. I waited a second and then the door opened...



A/N: Kind of a cliff hanger :) thanks for the favs and likes!! Please comment 😘 love you guys


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