Teachers Pet

Savannah Pennington already has enough on her mind, from trying to juggle 3 jobs, helping out at home, and keeping up with her grades. So her new poetry teacher Mr. Bieber probably isn't the best thing to show up in her life... Or is he?


1. Chapter 1


"That will be $10.05." I said to the overweight mom who was buying frozen yogurt for herself and two sons.


She handed me a 10 dollar bill and began to walk away.


"Um, ma'am!" I ran over to her. "Excuse me, but this isn't the right amount. Your totally was 10 dollars and 5 cents." I say holding up five fingers.


The lady rolled her eyes. "This frozen yogurt company is was to expensive. The frozen yogurt is terrible and apparently the service is too." She said raising an eyebrow at me.


I stuttered to find the words that I wanted to say to her. But I couldn't find any.


"That's what I though." She rudely said and opened the door to walk out the door.


"Ma'am." I said getting her attention one last time. "Can I ask you a question?"


She turned and rolled her eyes once more. "Sure."


"Well, if our frozen yogurt is so bad why do you come here everyday and eat the largest amount of fro-yo you can get?" I smirked. The few people in there laughed under their breath.


The mom huffed. "Come on boys, this is the last time that we're ever coming here." She went on with a scurry.


But before she was totally gone I said- "See you tomorrow!" And waved them goodbye.


I laughed and so did the rest of the people.


                * * *

I was wiping the tables down at Fro-Yo (where I work). It was closing time. I took some of the money from the tip jar that I made today. I counted it out. 28$ even. I sighed, the 28$ is going to go to my mom so we can afforded food, clothes, and a roof over our head.


I can't really complain, because my mom works 5 jobs and my older brother Chris works 4 jobs and goes to college. He's always wanted to go to college, but my family knew they couldn't afforded to send him so he studied hard and got a scholarship to The University of Toronto. Which is nice because its only 30 minutes away from home, so Chris is always here.


He tells me that I need to keep up with my studies so I can go to Toronto University, but I can barely keep a steady A in any of my classes. Besides it was easier on him when he was my age, my parents weren't nearly as poor as we are now. So he could just focus on school and not work.

I grabbed my bag, locked up the shop, and headed to my car. To be honest it's actually a nice car. I had been secretly saving for one since I was little, and then when my dad died from a whole in his heart (last year) we inherited some of the money he had. So then I had enough money to get a car. But I'm only 16 so I can only drive the car to school, work, and home. But sometimes I break the rules. 😏


I started my silver Ford Escape and headed home. There's school tomorrow and I'm not excited. Ugh.


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