What happens when Angelina found a hurt puppy in the alley and decides to help it but when she walks through the alley she is in a candy shop and a blonde haired fella orders some candy so you turn around to be meet by blue eyes and a brown quiff but before it he put a cloth on your mouth and you knocked out to be pulled deeper and deeper down the pool by a brown haired boy with a quiff!


2. Chapter 2: Candy Shop

I gasped how did this happen! I had my 'outfit and everything on. I started trying to figure out what was going on and i started hyperventilating when i heard someone clear their throat. That's weird I would have sworn nobody was in here a minute ago. I looked up to be meet with the most beautiful blue eyes. He had a blond quiff. I think he caught me starring cause he showed a slight smirk, but quickly hid it when he asked "do you work here?" Should i play it off cool or say my shift is over and i magically appeared here. "Umm,yes what can i get you!?" Ok so i guess im acting like nothing happened. "I would like 2 bags of gummy bears, a twix bar, and oh... Just go ahead and throw some sour pouch kids in there!" Wow either this kid was really hungry or he was hibernating. "Ok coming right up!" I said smiling which he returned as i turned around to grab some of the candy but there was a guy right there. How did i not notice him before i thought! But before i could do anything he grabbed my waist and placed my back to his chest and put his hand up to my mouth and i blacked out. All i know is something really weird is going on and i blame two blue eyed quiffed boys!

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