SYT- School for the young and talented

Sapphire Reed has always dreamed of getting accepted to the world's leading talent school SYT- School for the young and talented. When she does, will it be a dream come true or a nightmare?
(this story contains celebrities like Taylor Swift, ect)


2. The Academy

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Please comment what you think of this story. Thx for reading! qotd: Taylor Swift or Pierre Edwards?

Olivia X



Sapphire's POV:

I can hardly believe my eyes. I've seen the brochures, but this place is huge!!! I rub them and pinch myself. I'm really at the academy!!!!! I grab my bags and go through the gates. "Hi." I smile to a tall girl with purple hair. Exotic. She gives me a look of disgust like I had just killed someone and walks away. What's her problem? I look at the piece of paper in my hand. Room 8. I finally find it, even though I'm pretty crap at finding things. I walk inside and see a beautiful girl with blonde hair. "Newbie huh?" I nod putting my bags down to the opposite bed. She smiles. "I'm Pierre Edwards." I shake her hand. "Sapphire Reed." "I can tell why you're name is Sapphire. Your eyes are such a crystal blue." she says. I thank her. "You're eyes are blue." how awkward. "But not as pretty as yours." Suddenly a big bell rings. "feels like high school all over again." I blurt out. She laughs. "I'll help you around." Pierre says. "follow me." I follow her to a big hall, big as an Olympic gymnasium. I go to say something to Pierre but she's disappeared into the sea of talented people. It's so noisy it hurts my eardrums. We are motioned by an old woman with an English accent to sit down. We all sit down on velvety chairs that are quite comfy.  There's actually spare chairs to my surprise.Pierre is next to me. "Sorry about leaving you. Saw a friend." "It's fine." I smile. "This is Je..." but before Pierre could introduce me to her friend the woman barks. "I said be quiet!" a middle aged girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is next to her. "Thank you Mrs Drews." she says to the lady as she sits down. The lady grabs a mic. A bunch of boys start gawping at her beauty. "I'm Taylor Swift. Welcome to the new year of SYT." Everyone starts applauding and I can already tell this is going to be a great year.

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