SYT- School for the young and talented

Sapphire Reed has always dreamed of getting accepted to the world's leading talent school SYT- School for the young and talented. When she does, will it be a dream come true or a nightmare?
(this story contains celebrities like Taylor Swift, ect)


4. Rehearsals

Sapphire Pov:

"Sorry I'm late Madam.I got lost"  I rush into class. Everybody stared at me. Madam Soph looks dissaprovly at me. "late's not good enough." she snaps. "sorry." I repeat. I join the others in the line.Pierre and Jesy mouth sorry to me. I needed to go to toliet and they had to leave because the teacher's needed them. I really need a map! "We'll assess you on dance, magic, singing.." my eyes shine as they say singing. The list continued on. "Everything in Peforming Arts." finished Madam Soph."what about karate?" said a boy. Madam Soph gave him a look and he instanley shut up. "The better you score the longer you will stay. Only the top one hundred students can stay." I feel worried. 

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