SYT- School for the young and talented

Sapphire Reed has always dreamed of getting accepted to the world's leading talent school SYT- School for the young and talented. When she does, will it be a dream come true or a nightmare?
(this story contains celebrities like Taylor Swift, ect)


3. New Start

Pierre's POV:

Oh this is so exciting! The start of the year is nearly always the best. The new girl is a lot like me. She is bustling with excitement I can tell, trying to hide it just like I was two years ago. I try not to laugh and actually start listening to Taylor. She's one of the nicest teachers here at SYT. I bet Sapphire's gonna love her. "Every returning roommate must look after the new student and show them the ways of SYT. " I smile at Sapphire but she's too busy listening to the principal. She keeps going on with a long speech of what we are doing this year, the rules and expectations. I'd hear this year after year so alot of it didn't make me learn anything new. After the speech, we were to head to the check in area and write our names, our occupation (singer, dancer ect) and the date. Of course there was a huge line. It took me half an hour before I could sign. I felt bad for Sapphire who was back of the line. After that we got twenty minutes free time. I asked Jesy one of my friends I didn't get a chance to introduce Sapphire too if she'd want to come into my room. We aren't allowed to go in other people's rooms but i've sneaked many times before and never got caught so it doesn't worry me. One girl was caught going in a boy's room and got expelled. Harsh. 

Sapphire Pov:

Jesy is really nice. Pierre just introduced me to her. Suddenly the big bell rang again, a little louder. "Rehersals." Pierre said. "Rehersals?" I ask. "what do you mean." Jesy rolls her eyes. "every year Mrs Idoit- I mean Mrs Drew."  I laugh. "she makes us go to rehersals every Monday for the big showcase at the end of the year." I raise an eyebrow. "But the year just started. Seriously? Already?" Pierre nodded. "Try to tell her that. It needs to be 'perfect. We need to beat the other talent school shining stars. Sounds pretty cheesy doesn't it? They've bet us for four years straight and we can't keep going like this or we'll be dropped and they'll be the best national talent school. That's why Mrs Drew is so hard on us and she's even thinking of even giving us an extra hour of pratice." she sighs. "we'll never beat them." 'You never know." I say trying to keep there spirits up.

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