1. an interdiction to us?

Hi I'm Matthew espinosa but hear people call me lee or Matt or jackass but mostly jackass u see I'm the school's bad boy I beat up 10 kids just from self dafence and I just got the reputation of bad boy and since I'm popular I make my sister popular...she loves it but truth is I don't wanna be popular I wanna stay on the down low I have a group of friends we call our selves magcon. And the worst part is I have to bully my crush rosslyn she hates me and I'd never have a chance in this movement of time every time I say hi when the boys are not around she starts running and she makes miss doubler give me detention so I beat Rosslyn's ass just so that's what they think I was saying hi for I'm such a cowerd no one will want me and I DONT DESERVE ANYONE I'm worthless and hopeless no one in the world wants me not even my mum or dad there always shipping me off some wear I barley no any thing about them really all they do is piss me the fuck off.

Hi I'm carter renolds but people call me carter or dumb ass but mostly carter I'm not a bully I don't like when the guys make me bully people I bully a girl named branna. I like her a lot and that's why there making me bully her it's not even fair to me or her none of us I hate bulling at all but I gess to be in the group I have to follow the group rules

1. Do not wear red on Friday

2. Never talk to branna

3. Listen to Nash at all times

4. Do as told or u get kicked out

And 5. ALWAYS BULLY BRANNA OR AMIDIT ILLIMANATION . I think number 5 got to me when they say illumination they mean they will kill you and trust me I don't wanna be killed and we all have are own kid to bully.

Hi I'm Nash grier but people call me sexy or hot but mostly sexy I'm the group leader of magcon I'm a real bad ass or pain in the ass I'm the real BAD BOY the rest of the group are FAKES!! There not bad at all. So I make them be lol I'm dating a girl named maghony the school's good girl gone bad I changed her I'm really mean if they don't follow my rules then BAM!! Illumination there're killed with no hesitation like I said I'm a bad ass.

Hi I'm Hayes grier Nash grier's litte bro I bully kids cas my brother makes me I'm dating a girl named Josey Kline and we'll that's all I gess.

Hi I'm Shawn m. I'm trying to Join magcon but I'm not good enough yet and that's all.

Hi I'm jack j I'm Carter's best friend who is not in magcon.

Hi I'm jack g I'm jack j's friend from chess club and choir.

Hi I'm maghony lox I'm Nash's girl friend.

Hi I'm Josey hay's girl friend.

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