She's back.

After being bullied for two years, she decided she had enough. She moved to a all girls boarding school.
She comes back after two years. Back to the town and school, where she was on the top of the food chain. A day in, and everyone heard of her arrival.


6. She's so sweet.

Harry POV

Grace was held back that gave me time to ask what Sarah what's doing.

"Harry, she's so sweet!" Sarah responded. 

"What are you doing?" I asked, knowingly Sarah is always up to something. "You better not be up to some thing."  I said with an expressionless face.

"Harry, unlike you, we don't use people." She said, okay that kind of hurted. She sighted, palming her face. "Harry" She said, but I walked away. Had Math next. Such a fun subject. Noting the sarcasm. I've always hated Math. I walked into the class and sat at the back, were I've always sat.

"Get out your notebooks and a pen" Teacher instructed us. I didn't bother, I just sat there, watching others do what they're asked. Greeny, showed at the doorway. A smile escaped from me when she looked up, at me. She walked straight in, Mr. normally makes us go to the officer if we show up late. But no, not for Grace. Um, lucky. She sat beside me,I pretended not to knowledge her presence. 


The day went by like blur, and Grace seems to be in all my classes. This year is going to be quiet interesting. Not really. I wonder, what goes through her mind when she sees me. 


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