She's back.

After being bullied for two years, she decided she had enough. She moved to a all girls boarding school.
She comes back after two years. Back to the town and school, where she was on the top of the food chain. A day in, and everyone heard of her arrival.


1. She missed it


"Get off me Harry!" Giggled Grace. Harry still was on top of her laughing as he ticked her. "Harry!" Grace remained laughing but she stopped as Harry moved forward. Her violet eyes meet Harry's and both were silent. Their nose softly rubbed, their lips were so close but not touching. "Harry?" Asked Grace. 

"Yes Grace" Harry replied.

"I love you" Harry opened his eyes to see her eyes close. He leaned in and kissed her. So sweetly. 

"I love you" He said.

...................... End of Flashback.....................

Grace remembered a sweet memory from two years ago, she was packing to live. Harry changed one day,she's isn't aware of what she has done, Harry hated her since. Him and his friends tormented her. He used words, they used violences. Soon the whole school hated her, making her life miserable. He didn't stop them, that hurt her the most. 

"Miss Hilton, the car is waiting" Called one of the worker's(Maid). 

"I'll be down, in a minute Mae" Grace replied back. She walked to her window, she looked down the road to see the 'Styles's' house. She wondered what Harry is up to. He was always into, music but he rarely played it to her. He sings. She wondered if he sings it for other girls. Maybe. She thought. 

"Miss Hilton!" Mae called again. (Maid)

"Coming"Grace picked up her suitcase and made her way downstairs and outside.She gave the driver her suitcase and took a step to Mae. "Tell mother, she missed it" Grace told Mae, Mae nodded understandingly. It was a message her and mother understood and it was always used. She misses everything. Her mother misses everything. She missed it. 

She got into the car and left to an all girls Boarding school. 


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