She's back.

After being bullied for two years, she decided she had enough. She moved to a all girls boarding school.
She comes back after two years. Back to the town and school, where she was on the top of the food chain. A day in, and everyone heard of her arrival.


3. I wonder

Grace's POV

I was back. I hoped I was forgotten, nothing, no memories. I hope I play my role in being the rebel and outcast. Then hope they not think I am a toy to be played with. I hope. That's the thing, hope is a feeling for something to happen. I'll won't hope, I will do and make everything see what I see. Everyone, if not they'll see other things worst than what I had to see. My versions are a blur but my mind is clear. I am not the Grace, they played with. I am her but she had time to think of what really matters. They don't matter.

Mother missed it, over the years she missed most. Her excuses were all related to work or what not. I've arrived home an hour ago and here I remained in my room, alone. I wonder if my presence makes any difference. I wonder a lot, I wonder if I'll ever stop wondering. I'm tired of thinking, but that's all I do. Think and think. All my mind ever did. I think Harry forgotten me. Maybe.

"Ms Hilton" Called Mae (Maid). How I love her, she understands. "Dinner is ready" I wasn't hungry more curious of the matter. I made my way downstairs, and to the diner. I sat, waiting for mother. She took her time, by the time she got there. I left, I was beginning to get tired of waiting. Waiting for her. I was mad. All she cares about is her work and social life. I made my way upstairs,madly. I wonder if she ever notices her absence? Maybe not. 

I laid in my bed. Wondering of everything all the possibilities. I wondered if Father misses me. If he ever thinks of me, when he is with his family, playing with the children,laying a goodnight kiss on their foreheads. I wonder what he thinks of me now. I started to wonder of tomorrow, my first day back at school. Probably know one will remember me. 

I slowly begin to drift of into sleep. 

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