She's back.

After being bullied for two years, she decided she had enough. She moved to a all girls boarding school.
She comes back after two years. Back to the town and school, where she was on the top of the food chain. A day in, and everyone heard of her arrival.


7. Bittery

Grace POV

"Grace" I looked behind, to see Sarah rushing down the steps. I waited for a few seconds till she was a metre a far.

"Yea" I said bitterly.

"I'm going to the local cafe, maybe you wanne come?" She asked, i study her expression. She seemed confident for a small girl. I chewed my gum, looking around. I spotted Mr Stephen/Stevie walking to his car.

"Nah" I shook my head before i replied. "Maybe another time." I walked away to Stevie before he got into his car.

"Hey" I said.

"Hey Grace, how's it going?" 

"School's shitty,Mother is too" I said, "What about you?"

"It's alright." He looked impatient.  

"See you tomorrow" I told him while backing away slowly.

"Yea, see you around Grace."

I liked how he doesn't treat me like a child, it real nice. I smiled and turned away. Beginning to walk home. But a car horn interrupted my pace.

"Want a ride" It was stevie. I nodded and got into the vehicle.


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