Beautiful Silence

Silence is the most powerful scream.

Lux Taylor is an average girl with an average life. When she meets Ashton Irwin, she becomes anything but average.
With everything she gets pulled into, soon enough she learns Silence might be the only thing that can save her this time...


3. Chapter Three

Beautiful Silence // Lux



*Chapter Three*


I woke up to a cold cloth being pressed up against my face. I slightly jumped at the touch, then fluttered my eyes open.

"Stay still." Ashton ordered.

I instantly backed away hitting the wall.

'Stay away from me." I told him, trying to sound as brave as possible.

"I'm trying to help you." He told me, walking towards me.

"Stop!" I yelled, getting up.

"The wounds are bad let me help you!" He shouted.

"No. No! You did this to me!" I yelled, slapping him in the face. I regretted that more than anything. He grabbed my wrists squeezing them hard so that I fell to the ground.

"You bastard!" I yelled.

"Shut it!" He slapped me hard against the face.

I stayed there for a moment, no emotion or reaction coming out of me.

"Lux!" He shouted.

I didn't move. This reminded me too much of him. With each and every hit from Ashton, I only saw my father. Him.

"Dad..." I whispered, my bottom lip quivering.

"What?" Ashton asked going down to my level.

"Your just like him!" I spat.

"Like who!" He yelled.

When I didn't answer, it set him on edge.

"Like Harrison!" I yelled back.

At the sound of his name, Ashton flinched.

He got up and walked towards the door.

"What's your last name?" He asked calmly.

"Grey." I muttered.

"Harrison Grey." He repeated.

I tensed up.

"Don't talk about him!" I yelled.

"How do you know him!" Ashton yelled.

"How!" He repeated.

"Harrison Grey killed my mother." I whispered in a low voice.

"Your father?" He asked.

I shot my gaze up to him and balled my hands in a fist.

"He is not my father! He never was and never will be!" I spat.

I opened the door and pushed him  out. He locked it as I slid down against the door sobbing quietly.

"My father." I whispered.

He was my father. My father killed my mother and tortured me and my siblings for years. Of course he ran when the police came looking for him. Me and my brothers and sister were put in Foster care. Right now I'm in a home with my younger brother Caleb. He's 14. In 6 months, I will be 18.

Old enough to live on my own and get my brothers and sister back. My sisters face appeared in my mind.

"Allison." I whispered.

She was 4 when my father killed my mother. I could still see the terror in her eyes as my older brother Jason pulled her and my brothers Caleb and Tyson away.

Jason is 19 and in jail for attempt of murder. He is nothing like Harrison. Harrison raped me and beat my family. He killed my mother! Jason was defending Tyson from my father and he got arrested last year.

It's been a year since I've seen Jason, Tyson, and Allison.

I shut my eyes trying to block them out. A sudden thought appeared in my head. What is my best friend doing? I remembered the time her and I were at the beach watching the sunset. Caleb and Tyson were playing football with her brother Fred. Allison was with her cat Bellatrix on the blanket and Jason was sneaking up behind Summer.

Her long blonde hair was flying in the wind as Jason threw her in the lake.

"Summer." I murmured thinking of her.

Sure her and I fought a lot and I was clearly jealous of her and sometimes, I thought I hated her but right now, I would give anything to be with her at Starbucks as she made fun of all the people in the shop.  

"I wanna go home!" I yelled slamming my fist against the door.


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