Beautiful Silence

Silence is the most powerful scream.

Lux Taylor is an average girl with an average life. When she meets Ashton Irwin, she becomes anything but average.
With everything she gets pulled into, soon enough she learns Silence might be the only thing that can save her this time...


7. Chapter Seven

Beautiful Silence//Lux



Chapter Seven


I shivered slightly, as Ashton threw me his jacket.

"Cover up, I want the boys to be surprised." He smirked.

I wrapped his heavy jacket around my body and tried to stop my teeth from chattering.

"Ashton!" A man called.

"Greg?" He asked.

"Get in the car." Ashton ordered.


"Now!" He yelled.

My eye's widened as I opened the passenger seat door. I let out a sharp breath and warmed my hands. It was getting cold out this time of year, I can almost see my breath.

"Who's this lovely lady?" 'Greg' asked, tapping at the window, making me slightly jump.

"She's one of mine." Ashton replied, not bothering to look at me.

Even though I was still in the car, I could hear them almost perfect.

"Well Harrison has offered to take you up on that deal of yours." Greg told Ashton.

Harrison.. No... It can't be my dad...

I was too lost in my own thought to notice Ashton opening up my door.

"Say hello to Greg." He snickered, pulling me out by my arm.

I stumbled a little, but re gained my balance. Ashton leaned in close by me, and I could feel his hot breath on my eye.

"Don't let him know your name." He whispered, softly.

"And what's your name, my dear." Greg asked, stroking my jaw line with one finger.

"Her names Anna." Ashton mumbled.

"Ah sweet Anna." He whispered into my ear.

I shivered as he placed a hand just before my butt.

He looked fairly young, about a couple years older than myself. He had light black stubble on his chin and short black hair that pointed a little at the top of his head. He had lean muscles and looked very fit.

"Anna doesn't seem to suit you, kitten. That's it, kitten. Yes I like it." He tilted my chin up, as if to examine my face.

"This one up for grabs? I'll take her anytime."

"No sorry. We must be going now." Ashton grabbed my arm harshly, and shoved me in the car.

He threw the duffle bag in the back and slammed his door shut.

He turned on the engine and sped through the rough gravel parking lot.

"Who was that?" I asked, clutching the jacket closer to myself.

"No one." Ashton mumbled, turning right at the inter section.

I nodded my head, deciding to keep my mouth shut.

When we got to Ashton's house, he slung the black duffle bag over his shoulder and yanked me out of the car.

"Ouch!" I grumbled, tripping over the shoes in the door way.

"Hey guys!" Ashton called, bringing me to the living room.

As we went around the corner, we were greeted by Luke, Calum, and Michael.

"Ash you didn't." Calum said through gritted teeth.

Ashton slowly took off my coat and I felt extremely awkward.

"Damn." Luke grinned, biting his bottom lip.

My cheeks and nose were tinted pink because of the cold outside and my arms folded over the corset.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Calum mumbled, dragging Ashton out of the room.

I could hear the two bickering from the other room.

"You look great." Michael beamed, giving me a small smile.

"Oh... Thank you..." I told him, taking my bottom lip in between my teeth.

"Ashton! She's mine tonight!" Luke yelled.

My eyes widened a bit as he lead me towards the doors.

"Don't worry baby. I'll take care of you." Luke grinned.

"I need some air." Calum grumbled, pushing past us.


A.N: So sorry that I take forever to update... Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon


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