Beautiful Silence

Silence is the most powerful scream.

Lux Taylor is an average girl with an average life. When she meets Ashton Irwin, she becomes anything but average.
With everything she gets pulled into, soon enough she learns Silence might be the only thing that can save her this time...


9. Chapter Nine

Beautiful Silence// Lux


Chapter Nine


The doors busted open, and shouting erupted everywhere. I got off of the couch, and peaked my head around the large bricked wall.

"You can't just bring her into this shit! Now Walter knows she's with us, and is probably going to use her against us! Don't you ever think?" Ashton bellowed, slamming his fist into the wall by Calum's head.

"Yes Ashton! I do think! I couldn't let an innocent girl get hurt because YOU haven't paid Walter back! They would have killed her. Could you live with that guilt? Because it would be your fault." Calum hissed, stepping away from a glaring Ashton.

The bathroom door opened, just down the hall from where Ashton and Calum were arguing. A set of blonde curls bounced it's way over to Calum.

"Summer, I want to properly introduce you to Ashton. He's a good friend of mine, and he's going help you get home safely."

I smacked my left hand over my mouth, and turned back over the corner, my breath deepening.

No. She can't be here. It's not safe.

I heard loud footsteps heading towards me, and quickly, but quietly ran back to the large black leather couch, pretending to be asleep.

"C'mon. You'll be staying with me." I heard Calum's voice trail up the stairs.

After I was sure all the guys were busy, I made my way into Ashton's room. Since Ashton took all of the clothes I ordered, I'll need something to wear other than the 'doll' outfit he had gotten me.

I crept into his room, taking out a pair of light grey sweatpants, and a small black V neck tee shirt.

I shed the corset, but kept on the silk panties, and slipped the other clothes on top. Even though it looked small, the black shirt still fell just below my butt.

I grabbed the fallen clothes and brought them back into my room.

I need to find Summer.

As I walked out of my room to find Summer, I bumped into a large figure, blocking my way.

"Lux? Where are you going?" Ashton's voice rang through my ears.

"Nowhere." I mumbled, stepping to the side, only to be blocked once again.

"It's already 11:50 PM, you do realise that?" He asked me.

I finally looked up and was greeted by his warm gaze. He seemed so peaceful at this moment, that all I wanted was to kiss him.

I immediately shook off that thought and a frown appeared on my face.

"I'm looking for someone." I told him, trying to push past.

He caught my wrist tightly, giving me a stern look.


"Michael." I lied.

he was the first person I could think of that wasn't Summer. Although that answer seemed to piss him off more than I thought.

I was dragged into Ashton's room, and he shut the lights off, locking the door in the process. He shoved me onto the bed roughly, then crawled on top of me. My breaths became shorter and quicker and he pinned my arms back.

"And why would you be looking for him?" He asked calmly.

I was about to answer, when he pressed his soft lips to my collar bone, sucking harshly.

"I- I..." I couldn't finish my sentence.

He let go of my wrists, now using one hand to pull me on his lap, while the other was on the back of my neck. I let out a small gasp as he bit down softly, then left a trail of kisses up my jaw, then to my lips. I knew it was wrong to kiss back, but this Ashton seemed so gentle and passionate, unlike the brute I've come to know.

"S-stop it." I whispered as he pulled back.

"Stop what?" He asked, shedding his tight white V neck.

I looked at his toned abs and bit my bottom lip hesitantly.

"Ashton I can't do this." I whispered.

"Do what?" He asked laying down, and flipping over so he was now straddling my hips. "This?"

He pressed his soft lips onto my own, pulling me down further to deepen the kiss. I knew I had to stop, but for some reason I didn't. I did the exact opposite. I pushed him back down, flipping him over as I spread his legs, positioning my clothed body onto of his half naked one. I could feel his growing member as I grinding him harder, causing a stifled moan to escape the man.

"Stop teasing." He growled, pulling my hips down to his, hard.

I smirked as he quickly ridded his pants and boxers, laying me down beneath him. He slowly lifted up my shirt, kissing my stomach as he did so.

"You look good in my clothes. What a shame I have to take them off." He smirked, pulling the shirt over my head.

I quickly got rid of my other clothes, and closed the gap between Ashton and I. We kissed for what seemed like years, until he opened my legs with his knee, and grasped my right breast. I stifled a moan as he pushed his hardened member into me.

It wasn't my first time having sex, but it felt better than before. His thrusts fastened and the moans became loud now. All I could smell was sweat and his fading cologne as I kissed him.

It was too late to go back now. Our hips moved in sync with each others, and for the time being, I forgot his men kidnapped me. I forgot he had beaten me, and now had my best friend. I forgot about everything.

"Ash." I groaned as I felt my walls tighten.

He started going faster, and clung to my naked body for dear life. We both let out a loud moan of satisfaction as we released together.

Ashton slumped his body next to mine and pulled up the covers, wrapping his strong arms around my waist.

"Goodnight Lux." He whispered, kissing my forehead.

Minutes later I was already asleep.


A.N; I'm the worst for updating. Hope you enjoyed :)


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