Beautiful Silence

Silence is the most powerful scream.

Lux Taylor is an average girl with an average life. When she meets Ashton Irwin, she becomes anything but average.
With everything she gets pulled into, soon enough she learns Silence might be the only thing that can save her this time...


5. Chapter Five

Beautiful Silence // Ashton


*Chapter Five*


I woke up with Isabella on my side. She was cuddled up to my chest naked. I sat up, pushing past her and grabbed a towel. I walked to my private bathroom and started up the shower. I was meeting with Greg today. Harrison's main man.

I was surprised to hear that Harrison had children. And the fact that I had one of his daughters, made it easier to plot a deal with him.

After a short shower, I got dressed into a pair of black skinny jeans and a ripped white T shirt. I ruffled my wet hair a bit, then knocked on Lux's door.

"Yeah?" She answered.

I unlocked the door and walked in with a laptop. I called for Rosie, and she sat down beside Lux.

"Here, Rosie knows all of my credit card and address stuff, so order some clothes online." I told them, handing Lux the laptop.

She nodded her head and immediately searched stuff up.

"I'm meeting someone for a bit, I should be back in a few hours. I have Michael checking in to make sure you don't try anything." I told them sternly.

"Michael seems nice." Lux smiled to herself.

"Don't you even think about him." I spat.

She rolled her eyes and went back to the computer.

I walked out and grabbed my black jacket from the closet. I slipped on a pair of converse, and made my way to my car.

I drove silently to Greg's place. I pulled up against the gravel driveway, and stepped out facing the large brick house.

I walked up to the white door and knocked slightly. Moments later, Greg appeared in the doorway.

"Ashton." He greeted.

I nodded my head and walked in, to be greeted by two more of Harrison's men.

"Talk." Greg said, running a hand through his black shaggy hair.

"I have something Harrison might want." I told him.

Greg raised an eyebrow but made a look for me to continue.

"What would that be?" He asked.

"His daughter." I replied.


I walked back into the house and slipped off my shoes. The house was quiet except for the sounds of my foot prints.

I walked into the large living room and looked to see Isabella and Nicole sleeping on the couch.

I heard a faint laugh come from upstairs, so I made my way up.

I walked into Rosie's room to see her sleeping on her bed. I sighed and walked down the hall, where I heard the laugh.

I made my way to Lux's room and noticed the door was open a bit. Michael was with her and I furrowed my brows at the sight of them.

Michael was whispering things to her making her blush. Anger built up inside of me for reasons I didn't know. I saw Michael lean in and that's when I swung open the door. I cleared my throat and the two snapped their heads in my direction.

"I think it's time you go." I said to Michael.

He nodded his head then whispered something to Lux. She smiled as he kissed her cheek and walked out.

I watched him as he walked downstairs and I waited until I heard the front door shut until I turned to Lux.

She was wearing a pair of Rosie's shorts and a low cut crop top of Isabellas. Her hair was in it's natural waves and she had no makeup on her face.

"You are never to have contact with Michael again." I said in a low voice.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because." I replied.

"Because why?" She pushed.

I bawled my fists up and looked at her. She didn't look scared, she looked determined.

"Don't push it. I'm already pissed that Michael almost kissed you."

"Really?" She asked, her eye brows raised.

"No sexual relationships between the victim and the villains friend." I smirked.

"Ashton?" She asked in a tiny voice.


"When do I get to go home?"

I sighed and looked at her. She had her head down and was playing with her thumbs.

"You aren't going home. Your never going home. Not really." I told her.

She mad a disapproving face.

"What?" I asked.

"I will be going home. If I have to, I will keep running and trying until the point where you beat me until I'm dead. But I will never give up." She spat.


A.N: Hey guys it's Alexa. I'm so sorry for not updating lately, my computer broke and I keep trying to update on my phone but it keeps deleting everything.

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