Just one bite

"Luke! Back the fuck off! I could snap your neck in a split second and kill you."
He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me close. I braced my hands on his chest keeping his lips from coming anywhere near mine.
He had a grin on his face. "Then why haven't you yet?"
I glared at him and pushed him off me. I reached into my boot and pulled out a shiny 6 inch silver dagger and put it straight into his stomach.
He fell to the floor gasping for even a single breath of air.
"Because watching you bleed to death is more fun."


1. once upon a full moon

Year: 1100

"I need you to take it!" My father demanded.

He forced a the cup of blood into my hands.


"I can't!" I cried.

"Do it!" He yanked my head back and poured the blood into my mouth.

"Ale meh Kai let a warrior be created!" My mother shouted the word of a witch as I was forced to swallow the blood.

Once my mother finished speaking I coughed up the rest of the blood I didn't finish.

The torches around brightened up and grew higher almost reaching the leaves of the trees. The temperature grew higher as the flames grew. I could feel myself sweating through my clothes.

Then the flames around us suddenly burned out.

The woods were silent and dark.

I looked at my father who didn't look happy.

"Well?" He said looking at my mother.

"I don't feel any different." My brother said.

"Just give it time. Maybe it'll sink by tomorrow night." She said.

"We don't have that kind if time! Tomorrow's the full moon!"

"Shh!" She said. "I'm sure we'll be fine."

"It doesn't make any sense! We drank human blood and did the spell. What's supposed to happen?" My brother complained.

I stood up off the ground and wiped off the rest if the blood off my mouth. We walked out of the woods and into the village.

The next night.

"Mother!" I called out. I picked up the sides of my dress and rushed my way over to my parents.

Nearly tripping over the rocks in my path. My brothers friend followed after me trying to stop me.

I reached the rent and pulled open the curtain.

"Mum! Tell Michael to leave me alone!"

Michael had been throwing rocks at me for hours leaving bruises all over my arms and legs.

"You know I think that boy has fancies on you." She joked

"I do not! That is repulsive!" Michael said walking into the tent. "I was just messing with her." He protested.

My mother giggled as she brought out our pot outside the tent and placed it onto the fire.

"Now Jessica." She said. "Go peel the potatoes I left sitting in the tent."

"Yes. Go peel potatoes like the women you are." Michael said.

I glared at him. As he followed me into the tent.

"Why are you following me? Go find my brother!" I exclaimed.

I grabbed the potatoes in the tent and walked back outside. Michael followed me with a flame so I could see.

My mum handed me a shard rock and began peeling the skin off the potato.

The sun was already down and we hadn't eaten supper. Half of the village was asleep but, the few around us was joining us for our late night eating.

"I was only joking." Michael said.

I rolled my eyes at him.

He grabbed the sharp rock out of my hands.

"Hey!" I said trying to take it back.

"Let me. It's the least I can do." He handed me the stick of fire and took the potato from my hands.

I grinned. "Where Alexander?" I asked.

Alexander was my brother. He always ran off at night and into the woods. He never really like being with the family. Michael was usually with his since he was his best friend but, this time Michael was with me.

"I don't know. He ran off right before the sun fell below the water."

"Well I'm going to go find him." I said standing up and brushing off my dress.

"Are you sure? The moon is full tonight. I wouldn't go out there alone."

"I sure he hasn't gone past the river."

He grabbed my hand. "Just let me finish off these last potatoes and I'll go with you." He said.

I stared down at his dark lips and his piercing eyes.

I nodded.

He was right. The moon was full. But the man-wolves never went past the river so I assumed we'd be fine as long as he stayed on this side.

We had been at war with these animal people. Legend has it that these people were bitten by the wolves themselves while the moon was full. And they were cursed to be wolves by the night if the full moon and man by day.

I had never seen one before but, I had seen a few bites on the villagers that were foolish and crossed the river at this time at night.

Michael had finished with the food and we walked started for the woods.

I had to leave any light source behind so we wouldn't attract any attention from the other side.

All we had for a light source was the moon.

I held onto Michael's hand as we walked into the woods.We continued to walk straight and looked closely for any sign of Alexander.

We reached a dead end. Which was odd. It closed off with leaves and bushes blocking what was on the other side.

I sighed. "We should've brought light Michael." I said.

"Shh!" He pressed a finger to my lips. "I hear something."

I stared up at him as he stared back down at me.

"What is it?" I whispered.

He removed his finger from my lips and replaced it with his soft lips.


We jumped. It was a man-wolf.

It sounded a lot closer that I expected.

I peeked past the leaves and bushes and couldn't see very much. I pushed past the bush and stepped past it. Which I regretted because there wasn't a ground there.

"Ahh!" I caught onto a vine which was cutting into my palms.

"Jessica!" He cried.

He reached for my hands but, before he could the vine snapped. I felt myself falling and land on a hard surface.

My surrounding were blurry and there was a massive pain on the back if my head.

The sound of water rushing past me filled my ears.

Michael was calling out my name but, I couldn't move. My eyes slowly shut as the sounds faded.


I gasped for breath as if I hadn't breathed in years. I sat up and realized I was in the tent.

Michael was sitting at my bed side and stared at me with wide eyes as if he's seen the dead come to life.

"Jessica!?" He jumped back and ran out if the tent.

Moments later my mother ran into the room with my father behind her.

"That's it!" She said. She fell to her knees at my bedside. "The cause of death is what triggers the spell!" She said.

"What?" I asked confused.

"How do you feel darling?" She asked as she stroked my cheek.

When those words left her mouth I felt hungry. But for something I couldn't make out. The taste was familiar but, I didn't know what it was.

"I don't know. I-I-I'm hungry." I stuttered.

"That's it?" My father asked not pleased. "She comes back to life and all she is is hungry? That was the warrior?" He complained.

Mother payed not mind. She searched around the room and picked up the sharp rock.

She pulled back the sleeve if her dress and cut into her skin. Blood came seeking out if her wound. I suddenly felt a massive pain in my gums. I covered my mouth with my hand trying to stop the pain.

A sharp object ripped threw my gums and replaced four of my teeth.

Uncovered my mouth and felt what it was. Even slightly touching it cut my finger. A drop of blood fell from my finger and my wound instantly healed.

I looked down at my mothers arm as her blood continued to leave her wrist.

I didn't understand why but, I wanted it. I wanted to feed off it.

"Sweetie your eyes." My father said.

I turned away from them and ran out of the tent.

"Jessica are you okay?" Michael asked.

I pushed him away and he flew to the left. I didn't even push him that hard. But somehow he landed far.

I then ran into the woods and somehow appeared at the river.

It usually took a while to walk to the river.

I sat down at the river bank and buried my eyes into my knees and cried.


The sun was up in the sky. And my dress was wet from the river.

I stood up and walked back to the village. As I arrived I saw the villagers lying around the ground.

"What are you all doing there?" I asked.

None of them made a single movement.

"Hello?" I pushed against their side. They still didn't move.

I looked behind me and there was a body leaning against the side of a rock.

I approached the person and it was Michael.

"Michael?" I stood I front if him and noticed her had blood on his shirt.

I tilted his head revealing his torn up neck. "Ahh!!" I fell back and hit myself with more rocks yet I felt no pain.

"Relax my dear." A familiar voice said.

It was my mother. "It's just a bite."

"You did that to him?" I asked with my voice shaking.

She nodded. "You need to feed ho-" she cut herself off and stood there staring at me blankly.

"Mum?" I asked.

She fell forward with her face hitting the ground. She lied there with a silver dagger in her back.

My brother standing behind her with blood one round his mouth.


"She did this to us." He said. "She turned us into these monsters. I found her writing and she turned us into blood thirsty monsters."

I felt tears escape my eyes.

"Where's father?" I asked.

She chuckled as tears fell from his eyes. "I killed him with that same dagger." He pointed at the silver dagger in my mothers back.

"Where did you get that?"

"I stole it off of the man-wolf I killed. In mothers writing it shows the dagger and a gold one just like it. That one." He pulled it out of mothers back. "Kills us." He wiped the blood off with his sleeve. "The gold one. Kills them."

He was referring to the man-wolves.

I gulped.

"The writing also explained how we can create more of us." He gripped onto the dagger. "So we need to prevent that from happening."

He suddenly appeared right I front if me as if he skipped into the future.

"We need to die." He then tried to stab the blade threw me but I caught his hand before he could.

He pushed me back and I ran I tithe woods before he could try anything.

I hid behind a large tree and kept quiet.

"You can hide there forever Jessica!" He called out.

Here I was hiding. From my own brother, accusing me of being thirsty for even a human drop of blood. Impossible. I wasn't a monster. He was.

I looked at my feet and picked up the sharp piece of wood lying there.

I looked onto the other side if the tree and saw nothing. Somehow I could hear my brother breathing.his breathing grew louder as I felt him creep up behind me. I gripped onto the stick and quickly turned around to face my brother.

He charged at me and I quickly moved away from the tree stump. The dagger was now stuck into the tree.

I then gripped into the stick once and again and shut my eyes as I stuck the stick through his heart.

I opened my eyes and watched him as he fell to the floor. I pulled the dagger out if the tree and began to run.

I took one last look at my brother before exiting the woods.

Our eyes met as he pulled the piece of wood out if his heart and threw it to the side.

As I entered the village I searched my tent for my mothers writings. I stuffed the writings into my pocket and began running once again.

I didn't know where I was to go. Or what to do. I lost my family. The man I fell for and my brother was trying to kill me.

All I knew was I needed blood. Just one bite.

Hi! I'm ADRI. So I apologize if there's misspelled words and punctuation errors but, this is just kind of a draft. I hope whoever reads this enjoys!

So basically what's happened is their mom is from a witch heritage and she knew what the spell would do. And so when Jessica and Michael (yes Michael Clifford) ran off into the woods her brother was already a vampire. He died because he went to the other side of the river and got attacked.

When Jessica and Michael heard the wolf howling that was when Alexander was killing it and all that and he took the dagger and what not.

So the main thing I should let you know is the wear wolves had faced vampires before which is why they had the dagger. You'll find out the story of the two rivalries as you get more I to the chapter :)

Please comment your thought and please favorite! :)

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