Just one bite

"Luke! Back the fuck off! I could snap your neck in a split second and kill you."
He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me close. I braced my hands on his chest keeping his lips from coming anywhere near mine.
He had a grin on his face. "Then why haven't you yet?"
I glared at him and pushed him off me. I reached into my boot and pulled out a shiny 6 inch silver dagger and put it straight into his stomach.
He fell to the floor gasping for even a single breath of air.
"Because watching you bleed to death is more fun."


2. nothing but a blood sucker

Year 1922:

I stood there in the alley with the helpless man reaching life as my teeth sank into his neck. The taste of his blood made me feel alive as it continued to fill my mouth.

I held onto his tux and sank my teeth in deeper and deeper. I could feel his heartbeat going slower at the lack of blood flowing through his system.

He loosened his grip from my dress as he grew weak. Once I felt is hands dropped to his side I let go if him. He dropped to the floor and didn't made a single movement.

"Quit pouting." I said kicking him with my gold heels. "I only bit you once."

He moaned trying to open his eyes or even move any part of his body. I looked at his neck and saw my lipstick stain on where I bit him. My lipstick was red like blood. Which was why I bought it.

I grew annoyed by his moaning and groaning and decided to just put him out of his misery.

I lifted him up from his head and snapped his neck. The sound of the cracks in his neck didn't bother me at all. I was used to it.

I threw him over my shoulder and tossed him into the dumpster like he was a piece if nothing.I picked up my fur coat off the musty floor and walked back into the party.

The sound of trumpets and beating of drums filled the room. I sat down at a a table and took a cocktail drink from a tray. The curls in my brown hair were beginning to fall out but I didn't mind. There was a few women who looked rather desecrate waiting for a man to ask them to dance. It seemed at this point they'd even dance with a milk man. I walked over to the group of women who each gave me a look.

"Hello, I'm Jessica." I said fluffing up my curls.

"I'm Danielle." A women said with long light brown hair. She had a round face and big eyes. She also had dimples which made me a little jealous.

"I'm Elizabeth." Another woman said. She had strawberry blonde wavy hair that fell just below her shoulders and hazel brown eyes. When she smiled you couldn't really tell. It just looked like she was smirking.

The other girls just scoffed and ignored me. I glared at them wanting just a small pick of their attention. The two girls who accepted me to speak with them joined me at a table.

"I don't think I've seen you around here." Danielle said.

"That's because I'm just passing through town." I said taking a sip of my drink.

"Where are you from?" Elizabeth asked.

"Nowhere near here.l I said.

"I see you have a ring. Are you married?"



I was in another village. I didn't know where or how far I was away from home but, I didn't care as long as I was away from my brother.

I woke up the next morning hungry. I couldn't move on with an empty stomach. I had to find someone to feed on. I peeked between the small opening of the tent and saw a man starting a fire. He was who I wanted. I opened the tent and as I stepped out into the sunlight my skin felt hot. I was beginning to burn and my skin was turning red I quickly shit the tent and searched for my mothers writings. It said:

"In which the moon was the enemy if the man-wolves, the sun shall be the enemy of the immortals I which seek the drops of blood.

However if the immortals shall find in which is of value, they shall keep with them and use it as a shield to protect from the fire depths of the sun. And repeat the words in which created them"

I searched the tent for anything that was of value. There was a small box with a ring inside. It belonged to the people from this tent. But, I needed it.

I repeated the words from my mothers writings and put in the ring. I took a deep breath and stepped out into the sunlight once again waiting to be burned once again.

But bother happened. The ring worked. I was safe once again.


I covered the ring with my other hand and smiled. "Why so many questions?" I asked.

"I do apologize." She said.

Two strapping young men came to the table and yanked the girls out if their chairs.

"Time to go." One of the men said.

"I was in the middle of a conversation." Danielle said.

"I don't care! Were leaving."


"Shut up!" He threaten raising his hand in the air as if he was going to hit her.I glared at the two men. I grabbed a small glass cup and placed it into my pocket.

I pulled the two women away from their grasp and led the two girls to the back of the building. I knew the two men would follow so I had them right where I wanted them.

As the door shut behind the men I showed then my fangs and my blood thirsty eyes.

I appeared behind the two men and hit the back of their head causing them to pass out.

The two girl looked freighted at how quickly I seemed to move and by the way my face seemed to change.

I knew I didn't look like myself. I had seen my face like this in a mirror before. My eyes were pure black and the iris was red. My teeth were unnaturally sharp.

Each time my fangs came out my gums it was always the same exact feeling from the first time. But the pain seemed to feel almost like nothing after the centuries. The feeling was still there I just payed no mind to it.

I appeared behind the girls and bit into my forearm and forced them to drink my blood.

They tried to push me away but, it wasn't any use. Once they swallowed my blood I snapped both of their neck and stood their patiently waiting for them to come awaken from the dead.


They both awoke and gasped for the sweet taste if fresh air. They let out a few coughs trying to catch their breaths. They looked up at me puzzled at what just happened.

I pulled out the little glass cup from my pocket and walked over to one of the men lying on the floor.

I sat him up with him still being unconscious and tiled his head. I released my fangs and bit into his neck but bit feeding off him. I placed the glass to his neck letting the blood fall into it.

I showed the girls the blood and their eyes turned black with red in the iris.

I remembered the look my father had given me when he saw my eyes. Now I knew why he had given me that look. It looked like I was possessed or something was taking over me.

They began to squeal and covered their mouths. I knew they were feeling the same pain as I did when my teeth first came out. It was excruciating. But it would be over soon.

Once they felt their gums they began to cry.

"What did you do to us!?" Danielle cried.

I slid the cup to her and she quickly drank it.

I picked up the two men ad threw them to their feet.

Without even blinking they bit into their necks and began to feed for the first time.

"I made you into something amazing." I said as I stood there and watched them as the turned into something more greater. They were now able to control themselves and not be pushed around by some scums.

They were now vampires. They were dead and yet I made them feel more alive then ever.

And all it took was just one bite.

Year 2014:

"Jess! Lets go!" Danielle called out.

The girls had been calling my name for the past hours and I was literally one step away from kicking both their asses.

I had just fallen asleep and I was tired. I still had that look that said death as if I had just woken up from being dead. Which was funny because I am dead.

I groaned and walked out of my bedroom with my sheet wrapped around me.


"Shut the hell up." I said pointing.

I looked around the hotel suite and saw a man sitting in the couch leaning sideways. I was not very upset.

"How many times have I fucking told you two! If your going to feed don't stain the furniture!" I yelled pushing the man off the couch.

"Well maybe this wouldn't happen if you would've just left me a human like a NORMAL person!" Liz cried out.

I gave her a look. "I swear Elizabeth if you don't, SHUT THE HELL UP and stop complaining ill bury you alive." I was raising my voice each time I paused.

She folded her arms and leaned back against the counter top.

I was tired if hearing her complaints. Of she didn't like this life so much why didn't she just kill herself? I hadn't done it because she hadn't pissed me off enough just yet and I mean she was one of my only friends.

We had to get going since we left a few bodies at a night club and people were obviously suspicious. I put my sheet back onto the bed ad gabbed my bags and headed out the door.

"Clean up that body before we end up in actual trouble." I said slamming the door behind me.

I wasn't usually this bitchy I was just tired and cranky. I hadn't slept in a while and tonight was my only time I slept.

As I walked up to the car I opened the trunk and through my bags into in.

I felt a hand place on my shoulder and I quickly spun around.

"I'm sorry." A woman said. She had a brown box in her hand about 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. "You dropped this." She handed me the box.

"Thank you. I didn't even notice." I shut the trunk and took the box from her hand. I got into the drivers seat of the car and and set the box down in my lap.

I opened it revealing a silver dagger. I took off my boot and tied it around my ankle and slid my foot back into my boot.

I put the box under my chair and waited for those to to get out here.



"Now my dear you shouldn't play with sharp objects." The woman said placing the dagger into a small wooden box.

"I'm not a child that that 'sharp thing'" I said mocking her tone. "Is mine. It was a gift from my family."

"Oh you mean the family who doesn't seem to realize your missing?" She pursed her lips. "That family?"

"Don't upset me." I warned.

"Pardon? Why don't you watch what you say to me. I invite you into my home and you continue to threaten my husband and I, I suggest you watch it girl."

Girl? I was by far 400 years older that her. I slowly approached her as she folder her arms.

"Are you upset?" She asked almost laughing in my face.

I looked down as my fangs grew back out of my gums and my eyes began to transform. I slowly looked up at her as the expression on her face faded into terror.

"No." I gripped into her shoulders and keeping her from running away. "I'm just really hungry." I then bit into her shoulder.

She was rather odd. She didn't scream or try to get away. Almost like she didn't mind it. But I knew she was in shock. Once she was drained of blood I picked up the wooden box and left the the small home.


I was startled by the tap on the window on the passenger side.

Danielle was asking me to unlock the door.

She got into the car and Liz into the back seat. I could just see the guilt in Elizabeth's eyes. The feeling she must of had. It was similar to the way I felt when I first killed someone. But that didn't matter to me at all. I didn't care anymore. Taking another life was as simple as buying a piece if candy at the store. It was enjoyable until it was gone. So you throw the wrapper away and buy a new piece.

"Liz." I finally said. "If your gonna cry each time you kill someone you might as well just stop feeding." I said.

She stared out the window as I began to drive out of the parking lot.

We had spent about 4 hours making no stops but, only for gas.

"Where are we going? We've been driving for hours." Danielle complained. "I'm hungry and I'm tired if sitting in this car."

"Can you just, stop talking." I asked calmly.

She made a face. I laughed at her kid like actions.

"Were going home." I finally said.

"Where exactly is home?"

"Where the sun falls beneath the ground..." I said quietly.

I hadn't been near the village since 1328. I knew it wasn't there anymore of course but, I wanted to see it. I had too. I felt so out of place just knowing I hadn't even taken a step near there since I last saw it. When I visited it, it was Indian territory.

I did send people to my village. In 1953. I met a man. His name was Ashton Irwin. We became close. So I turned him and sent him to my village to keep a place for me.

I didn't tell my friends about him of course. It was my business and they didn't need know.

We arrived at the address he had given me. It was a beautiful home. It was a manor. Rather old fashion but that's what made it perfect.

We pulled up in front of the gates and waited for the gates to open,

"This is home?" Liz asked.

I smiled. I looked around at my surrounding. We were on a large hill. It had a perfect view to where you could see the city. Which used to be a bunch if trees and rocks but it was now filled with Palm trees and clubs and cars. And flashing lights everywhere.

It was now Miami Florida.

We parked in front of the house right behind a few cars. I assumed were ashton.

I knocked on the doors and ashton welcomed us in.

"Jessica! Where you been!" He hugged me tightly.

"I've been around. The place is beautiful!" I said looking around.

"Yeah. I saved you the master bedroom but it may be a little musty. You know dice it's been a while." He said making a comment on my age.

"Yet I still don't look a day over 21." I joked.

He laughed. "Well. Who are these lovely ladies." He asked taking their hands.

I looked over at Danielle who was as red as a tomato."

"I'm Danielle." She said.

"I'm Elizabeth."

"Nice to meet you."

"Well shall I show you to your bedrooms?" He asked.

"Yes you shall." Danielle said in a flirty tone.

I went into my bedroom. And boy he really did give me the master bedroom. It was literally the side of a house. A nice king side bed a, walk in closet and a big bathroom. There was a large patio sitting on the other side if the doors. I stepped out and breathed in fresh the fresh air and embraced the view of the city.

I knew Alexander was to turn up here sometime. I just knew it. It was about time I were to face him. He killed our family and I had been running from him for far to long. I needed to end this feud between us. If I were to die my friends and all those I turned with me. All I had to do was kill him first it was simple.

"I'm ready Alex." I said. "I'm home."

I know this chapter was a little boring but, hey next chapter gets more intresting. :) -ADRI

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