Just one bite

"Luke! Back the fuck off! I could snap your neck in a split second and kill you."
He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me close. I braced my hands on his chest keeping his lips from coming anywhere near mine.
He had a grin on his face. "Then why haven't you yet?"
I glared at him and pushed him off me. I reached into my boot and pulled out a shiny 6 inch silver dagger and put it straight into his stomach.
He fell to the floor gasping for even a single breath of air.
"Because watching you bleed to death is more fun."


11. Jessica

What happens when you scrape your knee? Your mom or dad gives you a band-aidWhat happens when your sick? You stay home and your parents take care of you. What happens when your bored at home and bored? Your sibling play with you, or your parents play with you. What happens when your a vampire and running from your family? I wish I knew. When we take our first breath as a human being its like music to your parents ears. The first time they see your face to the last time they see it, its like heaven reaching down to earth and taking them away. You may not know it but, your parents love you. just because they don't say it everyday doesn't mean they don't. I wish I knew that but, I never got the chance to live a normal life with my family. I spent mine running from my brother and my mother who I didn't know was alive. From my past boyfriend who I dies once in front of. From my heartbreaking past I wished didn't catch up to me. Sometimes I wish I was able to take that last breath knowing I had my own kids and my own husband. So i'd be that parent that kissed my child when they were hurt. So I'd be part of a society that lived to move on and carry on their names. I wish I would've refused to become this. To became a monster and be doomed to live life forever. Unless this was to happen. And by that I mean death. I died in the 21st century. Over 900 years after my time. I lived to see many things change. From tents made from cloth, to houses of wood, to skyscrapers that touched the sky. I wish I would've dies with my own family. Yet we all cease to exist. Where am I now you may ask? I'm in a place beyond reasoning. A place where you don't want to be. A place where your nightmares become reality. A place I wish I wasn't. I believe you all know it as hell. 

PART II: Hell is what you make it.





-I lied. Aint no way I can end the book yet! But there won't be many chapters in part two so The book is still almost over. Sorry babes- ADRI


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