Just one bite

"Luke! Back the fuck off! I could snap your neck in a split second and kill you."
He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me close. I braced my hands on his chest keeping his lips from coming anywhere near mine.
He had a grin on his face. "Then why haven't you yet?"
I glared at him and pushed him off me. I reached into my boot and pulled out a shiny 6 inch silver dagger and put it straight into his stomach.
He fell to the floor gasping for even a single breath of air.
"Because watching you bleed to death is more fun."


6. did I really just-

------The village ------

"Alexander for the last time stop tormenting your sister!" My mother called out as he chased me into the forest.

"I'm gonna get you!" He cried.

I jumped over pigs and tree stumps trying to get out if his reach.

Once I thought I was far away from him I slowed down. Which was a mistake. I felt a hand grasp onto my hair and tank me Mack making me fall. I lied there in pain as I felt the ends of twigs pressing against the back of my head.

Alexander hovered over me and pulled out a shiny blade and placed it against my throat,

"W-w-what is that?" I studered.

"Shh. You'll find out soon enough." His eyes were solid black. You could even seethe white part of his eyes.

"Alexander." I said with my voice trembling.

He pressed it harder against my throat harder.

"Your hurting me!"

He chuckled and moved it away and helped me up.

"What is that?" I asked.

He tucked it away into his sleeve.

"Don't worry about it."


We stood there for a moment staring at one another. Michael walked over to Alexander and stood tall next to him.

"You lied to me." I finally said.

Alex stood there still silent.

"Who?" Michael asked.

"Both of you. Michael was never human since we met. Michael turned you didn't he?"

Alex began laughing and took small steps toward me. "Close sister. Very close but, no. I was the one that crossed over the river. I found the writings in the man wolves tent. So I stole it along with the knife. I did the ritual myself and left the writing in our tent. Mother as the nosy bitch she was looked through my things and did it it the rest of us. I turned Michael that after you woke up."

I stood there. The clump in my throat was back and I couldn't swallow anymore.

I hated staring feat in the eyes. The fact that it was my brother made it worse.

"Don't talk about mother that way. If anything your the nosy bitch who brought this curse on all of us!"

He chuckled. "There you still go. Guarding mother as usual. Even when she's dead." He circled around me intimidating me.

"Your a monster Alexander. How could you kill your own mother?"

"Like this." I felt a sharp object go into my back and through past my stomach.

I gasped trying to breath.

He stuck a piece if wood through me. It hurt like hell. I'm surprised it didn't kill me.

I reached to my back and pulled it out. "Agh!" Once it was full out I threw it to the side.

I looked over at Michael who refused to look back at me. He faced the other direction and tried to ignore the fact that my own brother stabbed me in the back.

"Now sister." Alex said standing in front of me. "My knife." He held out his hand.

"Why is you can stab me with it?"

"Yes that's the plan." He smiled.

"I'm not giving to you."

He grabbed onto my neck lifted me up off the ground and slammed me down onto the floor.

"Alex!" Michael called out.

Alexander looked back at him. "What!?"

He quickly turned away trying not to piss him off anymore.

"That's what I thought." He began to squeeze my neck trying to close up my airway. "Sister. The knife please."

I laid there helpless. My words wouldn't come out not even a whimper. I grapes onto his wrist and tried to push him off but, I couldn't. Nothing I did was working.

Each time I true to breath it sounded like something was caught in my air pipe.

I tapped his hands hoping he'd get off but, he just squeezed tighter.

"Alexander! She can't breath!" Michael yelled.

"Good! She's dead anyway." He said putting his weight into its shoulders.

I struggled to move. I could feel myself turning pale. My vision was getting blurry. My eyes were slowly closing. I could feel my eyeballs slowly turning up to the back my head.


Suddenly Alex wasn't on top of me anymore. Someone had pushed him off. I placed my hands on my neck and coughed. I breathed in and out bringing my vision back. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Michael.

"Are you okay." He asked.

I shot up and pushed him down. "Your fucking pathetic!" I yelled.

I looked over at Alex who was on the floor. Luke was hovering over him with hunger in his eyes. He looked like he was about to tear Alex to shreds.

Alex tried to push him off but, Luke held him down.

Suddenly Luke bit into Alex's shoulder and ripped off his skin.

Alex screamed in agony.

"Luke stop!" I ran over and pulled him off.

He was back to his wolf form. Just looking at the blood on his face scared me. I placed my hands on his shoulders and helped him slowly calm down.

He breathed slowly as his face went back to normal. I looked back at Alexander who was gone and out if sight.

Michael slowly took a step toward me and pushed me away from Luke.

"You shouldn't be here." He said.

Luke glared at him. "No I should. Since you stood there while she laid there nearly dying."

"She can't die."

"Maybe but, she still needs to breath."

"I don't even know why you think you can just swoop in and play hero. I suggest you leave you pathetic puppy,"

Luke stepped closer with his face a few inches from Michael.

"I suggest you leave you pathetic blood sucking bat."

Michael chuckled. "That's cute. I'd rather be a sucker than a dog."

"You drink human flesh. That's sick in so many ways."

"That maybe true but, we're all better than you, we have everything. I have all you want. I can live forever. I stay young and not to mention I kissed her first," he pointed to me. "And by the way she loved me first. I have everything you want."


"That may be true but, I have something you'll meet have from her." Like said cutting me off

"And what's that?"

Luke stepped closer to him. "Her respect."

He Michael grew angry and picked Luke.

Luke didn't even budge. He stood their like a solid rock.

"You hit like a girl." Luke said.

His fist then made contact with Michaels face and he flew back.

Michael shot back up and tackled Luke to the ground.

They kept throwing punches at each other waiting for the other one to wear down but, they just kept going.

Luke grabbed Michael's arms and twisted it back. Michael grabbed back his arm and tackled Luke aga ain't the building.

I don't know why but, I just couldn't do anything. I just stood there watching them.

Luke kicked Michael in the stomach and forced him off him.

They grabbed ahold of each others shoulders.

Michael had a grip on Luke and had him lying on his back.

He placed his foot onto Luke's throat and press down.

"Michael! That's enough!" I yelled running toward him.

Luke tried pushing his foot off his neck but, d couldn't breath.

I tried pushed Michael off but, he shoved me down.

I didn't know what to do so I quickly reached into my boot and pulled out the silver dagger.

I shut my eyes and stabbed Michael onto his back.

He moved his leg from Luke's throat and stood there for a short second until Luke shot up and tackled him to the ground causing the knife to go deeper into his back and out through his stomach.

Not even a single tear escaped my eyes as I watched his happen.

Michael laid there taking his last breath until his eyes finally shut.

Luke turned him to his back and pulled the dagger out.

This time the gaffer had Michael's blood in it.

Luke stared up at my blank expression and handed me the blade.

"I don't want to keep this anymore." I said handing it back to him.

"Then we get rid if it." He said taking my hand.

I nodded as he placed his arm around me and walked me away from Michael's body.

I'm not gonna lie. I died a little writing this. -ADRI

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