His little sister

Liam has a little sister her name is Lia. She loves getting in trouble,when she gets brought home by the cops and her parents send her to her brothers that she hates. When she gets there it's totally something different with just her the only girl in the house with 2 boys fighting over her. Could it be the best or the worst thing that has happen to her?


2. the only girl

*same day*

I was still in the room crying still then I heard a knock on the door, I looked up and whipped the tears away and walked over to the door. I opened it up and saw Liam; I looked at the other direction and he sat on the other end of my bed and he brought both of his feet up on my bed. I pulled my legs up to where my knees touch my chest, then i wrapped my arms around my legs. I looked at him and he looked at his lap. 

"Look Lia I'm sorry but what I said is true i wanted to tell you. I love you your the only family that is closest to me anymore. Lia please believe me" 

"But why should I mom and dad wouldn't lie to me like that. They love me why would they was to do that to me Liam. Why would I believe you anyways? Ever sense you left I always got in trouble I got expelled from high school, I got thrown in jail and I stole" 

"Why would you do that?!?!" 

"Because you left, i didn't have someone to look up to then after all of that i got expelled from school." 

"Well your 16 so I am going to get you signed up for school and you are going to finish your 3 years that you have left" 

"Well really after this year I only have two" 

"Okay smart ass, but there are going to be rule" 

"Okay so let me hear them" 

"Rule 1: there will be no back talking 2. no sneaking out at night 3. don't have anyone over unless i am here or someone else is well only girls can come over 3. NO HAVING THE COPS BRING YOU HOME 4. Don't steal or i will live you in jail 5. just stay out of trouble" 

"Ill try" 

"No there are no trying you will do it or i will kick you out" 

"Okay okay" I said putting my hands up. 

"Good now what do you want to do" 

"I want you to get out so I can change and stay out" 

"Bye Lia" 


Liam left the room and i looked in my bag and saw my birth control. 

"WAIT LIAM COME BACK HERE!" I yelled for him then there was a knock on the door I smiled and walked over there "whats the magic word" I said with my hand on the knob. 

"Are you naked" I heard Liam say 

"Get in here" 

He walked in and he smiled at me. 

"What you need?" 

"these" I said handing him the pills I looked at him and he looked shocked. 

"What are they?" 

"Birth control. Mom put me on them" 


"She put me on them when she found out that i had a boyfriend" 

"Oh okay so what do you want me to do with them" 

"Find a spot from them" I said looking at him and he smiled at me. I pushed him out of the door and went to my dresser and grabbed a bat man shirt, I got in the last part of the dresser and grabbed short shorts that about had my but hanging out (they were batman too). 

Liam's p.o.v 

I went down the stairs and put my sisters pills up. The door opened and saw that boys they were kinda loud. I ran over to them and I stopped them. 

"What is it mate?" Harry said. 

"My sister is up stairs and she doesn't know that you guys live with me" 

"Yay we get to meet your sister" Niall said. 

"Yeah yeah yeah just let me call her down" 

Lia's p.o.v 

I heard noises from down stairs. I just finished washing off my make up and then I pulled my hair up. I made sure that none of my hairs on my head were being pulled so my pony tail looks like crap. (yeah you better watch out I do cuss a lot so really the only time i cuss a whole bunch is when im pissed). 

"LIA COME DOWN HERE WILL YA" I head liam yelled. 

I walked down the stairs and went to where my brother was at and there were four other guys. 

1. blonde hair and blue eyes with some brown at the bottom, up in a quiff 

2. brown hair a messy quiff sea green eyes tattoos on his arms

3. black hair in a neat quiff light brown eyes with some tattoos 

4. dark brown curly hair beautiful bright green eyes and lots of tattoos up and down his arms

Omg he is so cute. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. We made eye contact and he smiled at me and showed he pearly white teeth. Liam snapped me out of it and I smiled at him. 

"I'm Niall" the blonde one said walking by me. 

"Louis" the second one said. 

"Zayn" black hair quiff dude that kinda scares me. 

"I'm Harry" 

He walked by me and i just looked at him. I turned around and they all made themselves at home. 

"So do they live here?" I said looking at Liam. 

"Yeah they do sorry that I didn't tell you" 

"Well I have to go get ready for my date with Perrie" Zayn said walking up the stairs. 

"So I'm the only girl here?"

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