His little sister

Liam has a little sister her name is Lia. She loves getting in trouble,when she gets brought home by the cops and her parents send her to her brothers that she hates. When she gets there it's totally something different with just her the only girl in the house with 2 boys fighting over her. Could it be the best or the worst thing that has happen to her?


1. see him

I was running away and when I mean running I mean I was running from the cops. I am a trouble maker the name is Lia Payne my brother is Liam Payne, I don't like him he walked out on me when I was little he said that he would come back and he didn't he lied to me I hate him for it. We'll I was running and then I ran into something I looked to see what it was and it was a cop car. I put my heads on the car then the cop put handcuffs on me. They put me in the car and then he asked

"Where do you live"

I told him were I live, we got there and the pulled me out of the car with the handcuffs still on. They walked me up to the door and he knocked on the door. Later my mum opened the door and her eyes went wide.

"We cough your daughter stealing"

"Thank you bring her home officer"

They took off the cuffs and then I walked inside and my mum told me to sit on the couch. Then both of my parents came in.

"Lia you are getting into to much trouble..." My mom started out then my dad said "so we are sending you to your brothers"

"What NO!" I said standing up.

"We're sorry but we already called your brother he said that you can live with him" my dad said

"I would start to pack" my mum said

"I don't want to go and see him"


"He broke a promise to me"

"Lia go and pack!"my dad said raising his voice

~few hours later~

I was at the taxi my brother just lived in the next 2 towns. My mum and dad made sure that I would have enough money to get there. I got in the taxi and then he drove off.

Liam's p.o.v

I was cleaning up the house because the boys are messy I didn't want to tell the boys that my sister is coming. They know that I have a sister I would never keep something like that from them. The house was almost done the boys were out getting thing the probably got mobbed and Louis is probably paying attention to the fans like normal. It's has been a couple of minutes then I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and it was Lia I am to happy to see her.

"Lia!" I said happily

"Liam." She said not happy

"Let me get those"

I took her bags and showed her, the room that she was going to be staying in. I put the bags down on the bed and I was going to let her unpack so I left the room, I went back down stairs and sat on the couch. 

Lia's p.o.v 

I got done packing and I put the suitcases in the closet that is now filled with mt clothes. I never wanted to come here he hated me I know he does he is just being nice because mom and dad. I went down stairs and went to the fount room to where I saw my brother. I stood to the side and he looked over at me, then I spoke up. 


"Yeah sis" 

"Why did you lie?"

"What I didn't lie?"

"Your right you didn't lie you broke a promise, you said that you would be back after the X-Factor"

"Lia I had to go to boot camp and then I meet the boys but after all that was done I came home to see you that we got a record deal and when i got there mom and dad said that you didn't want to see me" 


Then I ran off crying to my room. I hated him, I didn't want to come here. I rather be in jail then here. This is like hell I never wanted to see him!. 

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