Mr. Styles (16+)

[ Warning : Swearing, self harming contents, no EXPLICIT CONTENT.]

" Why is love so blind? Why can't I know my limits but fall for someone like him? He is not someone to fall for, then why? " - Veronica Juliet Taylor


1. - Chapter 1 -

Recovery is the understatement for me. This is so complicated for me and my family. Why do I have to be like this? Attempting cutting for seventh time, so deep that it kills me quickly but no, every time something do happen which makes me to escape alive. 





Why am I alive still? 



For what am I alive, to be honest? 



I just watch him everyday, walking in the hallway along with her who I thought to be my best friend for life. I thought he will make my life perfect even when it is broken. He gave me the hope to be alive even when there was no hope. But he was the one to take my happiness away. 




Why me? I want to ask the invisible power, they call as god that why does not he let me die at once? Everyone will be happy over my death. 




" Honey? " I turn my head to our college's nurse, who was looking at me sympathetically while glancing on my wrist occasionally. I made my mother to leave me alone inside the college, where she pretended to be sad and cry over my attempt to kill myself. 




I know she must be sad inside because I am not dead yet, which was a burden for her. 





" We decided that you will be receiving treatment and be counselled inside the college for two hours everyday, with the appointed counsellor or our school, Mr. Styles. " She said making me to blink at her blankly. 



Then before I intake the situations in, I was being dragged towards the corridor of the large school. 


My heart beat started increasing when I saw those many stares, sympathy in their eyes which I hated to my heart and death. 




I saw him. His smirk was crooked and cruel when he mouthed 'suicidal freak.' 



I never told anyone about this but still, he was influencing me very much. His touch gave me chills and concern inside my body, afraid of what he will do next. 



You can never leave me, you understand? Never - This sentence of him always rings inside my mind and I can never rest easily. 



Three years, it has been three years when he started abusing me. Three years have passed when he slapped me for not agreeing with him but I never told anyone about this before. 



At the least, I just know that I am not a dead body when I am with him. He makes me to have feelings even though they are pessimistic ones and hatred. 




The white colored door opened, revealing the inside and interior of the room to be much similar to the nurse's room of our college. 




" Mr. Styles? Are you in? " The nurse asks with a loud voice, with her eyes searching for the person who is supposed to help me recover. 



Are not they wasting their time? My inner voice asks the question to myself when I thought of their effort being wasted. They can't make me feel anything good or help me to recover. 




" Yes? Sorry, I was just adjusting my table. So, I suppose this is the person I am supposed to treat? " I look up at the person, who made my breathe to be stopped inside my throat. I was struggling to breathe when those eyes directly pierced through me. 




It was like he was studying my character instead of doing that physically. His green eyes were fixated on me, which were getting me to be lost in them. 




It felt like he was hypnotizing me or trying to manipulate me forcibly but no, he was just standing and observing me. 

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