Seven Deadly Sins

"They are the people who have sins.
They shall be punished," said God.
Each sin- seven of them- is immortalised into a haunting story in this book.


2. Luxuria (Lust) ~Ludwig

Ludwig pulled his schedule from the drawer, the sounds and smells of Paris drifting through his window, making him gag. He hated the 18th century. At least with the Greeks he could do what he wanted and no one would interfere. Here? Now? Police patrolled the streets, beggars who would do anything for money told tall tales if they saw you doing anything suspicious- spread rumours. Ludwig was in desperate need of a clean slate, but he couldn't stop himself from doing what he'd been doing since the dawn of time.

Ludwig was lust, immortalised into a physical form, to forever change with the fashions of the ages. Now, he had thick blonde hair, pale skin, and pupils wide as an abyss, that could suck people from the high life and into his bed.

His schedule told him what he had to do tonight. He smiled- a feral, evil smile- and climbed out his window.


Nikolai L'Mere- the son of the richest man in Paris- was throwing a masquerade ball that night. Ludwig gazed up at the palace like residence that Nikolai lived in with his father, the lights throwing strange shadows on his face. He slipped on his mask with a tug of anticipation in his gut, and ascended the steps to the front door.


He was greeted be a butler, who slid his coat off his shoulders and bowed him in. Ludwig entered the ballroom amidst a cloud of parisian perfume, his eyes already scanning the masks and faces of the crowd. He tapped the shoulder of a passing servant, raising his voice to speak above the music.

"Savez-vous où je peux trouver Nikolai Le'Mere?"

The butler nodded, and signalled towards the front of the room, where a throng of people oohed and ahed. "Oui."

Ludwig smiled, and elbowed through the crowd. He was so close now. So close. 

Nikolai was surrounded by women, their faces pale as death and their pupils made horrifically large by the lead that they dripped into them. Ludwig sneered at their inferiority to his charms, and placed a hand on the shoulder of his host.

Nikolai turned, a delighted smile already ghosting his face at the opportunity to meet someone new. Ludwig removed his mask and kissed Nikolai's hand.

"Bonjour monsieur. Je suis Ludwig. Je viens d'Allemagne avec les meilleurs voeux de mon père. Puis-je vous parler ... en privé?"

Nikolai nodded and led Ludwig to the side of the room, where they could speak behind the privacy of a curtain. Ludwig's gut twisted with joy. How gullible he was. How innocent. And how easily that could be ruined.

Nikolai turned to Ludwig once they were alone, but he couldn't get far. Ludwig pinned him against a wall, the lust for human contact overtaking him, sending his sense far away. Nikolai's mouth was soft, and Ludwig kissed him greedily. He could feel Nikolai struggle, so leaned back. Before his host could yell for help, Ludwig squeezed his throat, pushing it against the wall. His breath came faster and faster until Nikolai breathed no more.

That done, he replaced his mask and moved back into the brightness of the ball room, to scout out his prey for tomorrow night.


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