My New Protector

Scarlet James was just a normal girl until her "Protector" Luke shows up and tells her that her life is in danger. He is only a substitute, so who is her real protector? When she finally meets him/her will she like the new protector(s) or will she stay with Luke? And what's the truth behind needing a protector in the first place?!


11. What the Hell Happened

My mind was in complete darkness when I began hearing voices.

???: Do you think she's okay?

Charlie: Of course she is. She can't die.

Charlie? Who was he talking to? My eyes felt heavy but that didn't mean I couldn't understand what was going on. The moment my eyes opened I bolted up to the sight of Harry and Luke sitting next to me.

Luke: Whoa there, calm down and just breath. You're safe.

Me: If I'm safe then why is Charlie with us?!

Charlie: Well... I was never the real threat that you were supposed to face. I'm just someone who was sent to oversee your test.

Me: Test? What test?

Harry: The test to see which one of us will be a compatible guardian for you.

Me: ...I'm very much confused. Can someone please explain because I thought Charlie was dead and I thought that when I met my guardian I could see their wings if we made physical contact.

Charlie: Well that was how it was supposed to be, but that wasn't the case because you saw more than one guardian's wings, which is why this was a very rare case. This rarely happen and when it does it's a sign telling us that something big is coming our way and in no way is it good.

Me: What's coming?

Charlie: We have no way of knowing till it's actually here.

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