My New Protector

Scarlet James was just a normal girl until her "Protector" Luke shows up and tells her that her life is in danger. He is only a substitute, so who is her real protector? When she finally meets him/her will she like the new protector(s) or will she stay with Luke? And what's the truth behind needing a protector in the first place?!


5. Luke the Protector

???: You're not imagining this. 

Me: Oh yeah... Man I'm an Idiot

???: Yep.

Me: Hey! Why do you always criticize me Luke?!

Luke: Well because sometimes it's necessary.

I know what you're thinking, and no I'm not in another dream. Luke is my "Protector." He appeared before me one day and told me that my life was in danger and that he was going to protect me until I met my real protector. He was only the substitute. Also, only me and any other protectors can see him, unless he wants to be seen can normal people see him. That all changed when I took a trip to the place of my birth, California. 

Luke: Why are we taking this trip?

Me: I don't know. For fun, I guess. I just had the feeling that I had to.

Luke: ...

Me: What's wrong?

Luke: Nothing, I was just thinking that, that feeling might be drawing you to your true protector.

Me: Really? Do you know who it is?

Luke: Well... the thing is that we won't know until you make physical contact with him/her.

Me: What?! So you're saying that it could be years before I meet them?

Luke: Yep.

Me: Oh boy

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