My New Protector

Scarlet James was just a normal girl until her "Protector" Luke shows up and tells her that her life is in danger. He is only a substitute, so who is her real protector? When she finally meets him/her will she like the new protector(s) or will she stay with Luke? And what's the truth behind needing a protector in the first place?!


4. Hell With 9 Boys

I'm back!

I was offered a job by One Direction and I took it, it's as simple as that. We've begun the trip to the first stop of the tour and I've experienced hell and came back alive! If you don't believe me then listen to what I've been put through.

 1st: Cleaning up the mess ALL the boys made (I swear something grabbed my leg when I was in the pile of clothes.

2nd: Well that's pretty much it. Other than the cleaning so far nothing else was "hell."

 We've been on the road for about six hours. I just finished cleaning and now I'm trying to take a nap in my bed. That's not working out so well. As soon as I got on the bed the boys came in and attacked the crap out of me. They left me alone as soon as Paul told them to, they really do listen to him (most of the time). After about two seconds of quiet I get really tired of it. 

Me: (Walks out of room) Um...

Boys: (turn and look)

Me: I... Uh... 

Boys: Yeeeees!

Me: Uh-Oh!

Luke & Liam: Scarlet you should run.

Me: Yeah, but we're on a moving tour bus!

Louis: You've got no where to run.

Harry: Ready Louis?

Louis: Yep.

As soon as Louis finished his sentence him and Harry came after me. I began... Wait!? Who's Harry Styles? When that thought had crossed my mind I found myself laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling. 

Me: What the hell was that dream about?

???: What dream?

Me: Huh?

When I heard that voice I began looking around my room to find that no one was there. I was totally imagining things, right? Wait what am I suppose to be doing?

???: You're suppose to be getting ready for work.

Me: Where the hell...?

???: Look up.

Me: (Looks up) Holy...

???: Hey, I'm...

Me: No! I'm just imagining this!



Author's note: Lol, would you react this way? I might have, Probably not. 

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