My New Protector

Scarlet James was just a normal girl until her "Protector" Luke shows up and tells her that her life is in danger. He is only a substitute, so who is her real protector? When she finally meets him/her will she like the new protector(s) or will she stay with Luke? And what's the truth behind needing a protector in the first place?!


6. California

Hey it's Scarlet and Luke, yet he's here too. We're close to "Cali." The ride was way too long for my liking. Luke kept going on about his worries about the trip and saying we should turn back, and go home to Colorado.

Luke: I have a bad feeling Scarlet, we should turn around.

Me: No, we're almost there.

Personally I thought Luke was being par-annoyed. My mind was changed when I bumped into a group of boys on the sidewalk. When we got to Santi Monica me and Luke went to go explore the shops. While we were crossing the street I accidentally bumped into a group of boys. I fell to the ground and they all helped me up while I was apologizing.

Luke: Oh My God...

Me: What?

Luke: We need to go, now.

Me: Why?

I looked up at where Luke was looking and noticed that the boys I bumped into had... wings!

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