Love Bites

Jacey is your average sociably impaired teenage girl. with a extra ordinary life. She never even new the secret of the person she knew the best her boyfriend( Zack). But... her twin sister (nicole) will jeopardize everything.


4. The sudden break-down could drive her crazy

Harry's pov

Officer Carrel let me go on a warning and told me Zack and Carly would be released after questioning and seeing if Jacob wanted to press charges, I knew he wouldn't because we have been friends since the third grade. I had to however call Nicole, I was a good friend to her and I won't let her continue to date someone who would kiss someone else.


Nicole's POV

He broke me. He lied to me, Jacob said he was going to a football practice. Instead he was kissing my friend. That's when I broke-down. I began yelling and crying and kicking the wall. I looked at the picture me and him had taken on Valentines day and ripped them off the wall. I fell to the ground.

"what's wrong baby girl?" Jacey said running in my room with Zack behind her. I picked my-self up off the floor and ran to my twin sister and wrapped my arms around her and sobbed. " He kissed Carly then he got in a fist fight with Harry." I cried. I looked over Jacey's shoulder at Zack. he was mad I mean angrier than I. Zack stormed out of the room. " Go after him" I said wiping away the tears " I'm going to bed anyway." "I love you!" Jacey said as she turned to run catch up with him.


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