Love Bites

Jacey is your average sociably impaired teenage girl. with a extra ordinary life. She never even new the secret of the person she knew the best her boyfriend( Zack). But... her twin sister (nicole) will jeopardize everything.


1. "stay the night."

Jacey's pov

" I should probably go." Zack said almost sadly. 

" No you don't have to. Please just crash here?" i replied to my sexy boyfriend.

Zack shook his head as if to say yes. Nicole gave me a queer look, she knew i was taking advantage of our parents being away for the next two months. I gave Nicole the quickest glance and she got up and walked out of the room while shaking her head. After the door closed, Zack sat at the head of my bed and looked up at me " Oh! um... let me go change" I exclaimed realizing what he had been waiting for. I walked in the bathroom and changed my band tee and skinnies into a tank top and a pair of Zacks sweat pants he had left the last time he stayed the night. No No No I promise i am a virgin! Zack says he want t wait and im saving myself for him of course. I walked out of the bathroom and Zack was laying on my bed with his shirt of and my  stomach did cart wheels. When I walked over to him, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me down on his lap. " you're so gorgeous" he said. i rolled my eyes. " Do you need convincing?" he kissed my lips passionately. he pulled me off his lap and placed me on my back and he kissed me again. 

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