Love Bites

Jacey is your average sociably impaired teenage girl. with a extra ordinary life. She never even new the secret of the person she knew the best her boyfriend( Zack). But... her twin sister (nicole) will jeopardize everything.


3. Im sorry

Carly's pov

" why would you do that? You just ruined everything" i said. 

" Bro, come on your dating Nicole, not cool." Harry said. That's when it got worse. Jacob took a swing at Harry, Jacob had cocked him a good one in the face and I yelped. He punched Jake in the face instantly bloodied his lip. "Stop it right now you twits!" I yelled. "What the fuck is wrong with you two? you're a bunch of bloody dweebs!" Jake tackled Harry in the ground, and that's when the cops pulled up. Harry pushed Jacob off of top of him and stood up.

"What are you kids doing?" The male cop asked as he got out of his car. Right after the man got out of his vehicle another police car came rolling behind him. This one was a female officer.

"We got a report that three teenagers were saw vandalizing a high school teachers house. Then as I was riding on my way to the scene, I got another call saying two teens were fighting in the middle of the street and here you are."

Jacob looked at the ground as Harry began to speak "Dude we were just playing a joke, we didn't meant to do any harm."

" First off this is a adult he is not by any means your 'Dude' and second by the looks of that boy over there." The female began while looking over at Zack but she was talking to Harry. " That harm was intended!" 

" Veronica take these two and put them in the car." Officer Carrel said to the obviously his partner. "I want to talk to this young man."

That's when the officer put us under arrest " You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in  the court of law. You have the right to a attorney, if you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you." She said as she put me and Jacob in the car.

This was all his fault, if he didn't kiss me this would have never happened.

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