The angel with no wings

Harry has loved the same girl since they were young but since then she moved when he confesses his love for her she isn't ready for a new boyfriend he becomes a jerk will she forgive him? Or will she move on?


4. what ?!?!

Teryn's pov

After Harry and I talked he's been a jerk he's been snogging girls left and right so revenge time "hey Stiles (Teen Wolf :] ) you wanna go out tomorrow ?" Great Harry is right beside us "sure call me " he hands me his number and as if on cue Harry looks our way then I kiss him

Harry's pov

After Teryn broke my heart I've kinda been a big jerk and had a different girl every day I was walking down the halls with some girl I don't even know at all not like I know Teryn but when I saw Teryn snogging som boy I got so so so soooooooo mad she is mine " what the hell are you doing with him you're mine?" "No I'm not you're that girls you said you loved me and I believed you " she said " I did mean it but you said that you'd wait for me and that you loved me". I said " that was before you turned into a jerk if you don't step away from the dark you soon i 'll have no choice but to leave you

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