The angel with no wings

Harry has loved the same girl since they were young but since then she moved when he confesses his love for her she isn't ready for a new boyfriend he becomes a jerk will she forgive him? Or will she move on?


5. the date

Teryn's pov

Today I'm going on a date with Stiles and I heard that he was planing something special for me (skipping to date ) so we were going to a party tonight and Harry is going to be there,we got to Ashley's house and she is such a bitch everyone hates her when you walk through the door you can see so many drunk people there "you want a drink ?" "No " when he left I saw Harry staring at me so I quickly looked away Stiles came back with two drinks "I said I didn't want one" "well you're gonna drink it anyway "" no "" what did you say ?" " I said no " then he pushed me up against the wall by my neck I looked over his shoulder and Harry was gone oh no I'm gonna die I couldn't breath. "Let her go " I looked and saw Harry oh thank god "says who ?" He said whilst still holding me "says me " Harry said and punched Stiles to the ground then took my hand and led me outside "are you okay ?" He asked me "yeah " then he crashed his lips on mine

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