The angel with no wings

Harry has loved the same girl since they were young but since then she moved when he confesses his love for her she isn't ready for a new boyfriend he becomes a jerk will she forgive him? Or will she move on?


1. I found you

Harry's pov

I woke up this morning and got ready for school and went downstairs and got a apple ( skipping car ride) I got to school and went to my locker on my way I saw Teryn "hi Harry " "hi Teryn " "me and Zach got into another fight and he slapped me" "Teryn you need to dump him please " "I don't need to because we broke up but I still like him " "Teryn I never told you this but I love you " " what?Harry what about Ashley?" " I don't think she'll be a problem look" and I pointed at Zach and Ashley snogging Teryn ran away in tears.i ran after her and she was at the park "I found you"

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