Love hurts

I was dumted by him
When he left he took away the best part of heart
I wasnt sure if i could love again untill i met harry,the sweetest thing anygirl would want
I loved him but..... Was i ready to be loved again


1. break up

Liam what were you doing sleeping with her


Liam dont play stupid with me


No no sorry is not working with me today ,this is your 2nd time doing cheating


I want you out today,today go live your other girlfriend


Fuck off Liam

At this point Liam smacked me across my face and left the room

I stood there with my stinging cheek and went to the room and packed my stuff 

You know what Liam keep the fucking house ill go live on my own

Fine,leave,i don't kneed you

I know you don't

Leave have a fun life

*in prison*sure

I left in my car and found a nice hotel in the city.i got out of the car and went to check in then i went to my room and cried

I was in love with Liam ,but i had to get over him .i called my friend Eleanor.

El:whats up

A:i broke up with Liam

El: good i hated hum



A:he ,he

El:he what?

A:he hit me

El:oh my god


El:call the police

A:i will

El:where are you staying

A:a fucking hotel

El:no you can stay with me



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