Why so serious?

A girl wants to be a killer, she meets the joker when she was younger and he makes her do something that will change her life.
See will soon pick if she is truly good or bad maybe both!


2. pistol

I look over the lights of gotham. I surprisingly forget a lot from 2 years ago when I killed the bastard who killed my family. The clown, joker, who made me do it even if I wanted to do it, he took my arm and brand me to his lair. Soon enough the batman came and "saved" me.

I guess I'm half bad half good. I'm like catwomen, sometimes I'm good and sometimes a kill/ steal. I work with catwomen, sometimes, but now I'm alone.

Before I got my sweet ass name I thought, everyone has weird ass names and I wanted one. There was batman, bane, joker, scarecrow, killer moth, and Harley Quinn.. Wait what? But you get it . I have a special pistol I always use, so I decided my name should be pistol. Sweet name right?

Sorry it's short just getting back. Ganna post more tho! See ya soon!

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