I Want Amnesia

Allyson is a famous model and a new singer and she's also dating Luke Hemmings. She loves Luke they both love each other and would doge a bullet for each other but what if she goes to surprise him and something else goes on.


2. Missing him

Allyson's POV......

I miss him so much words cannot explain. It sucks staying at his flat alone no offense to Mackenzie she's great company here but sometimes I just want me and Luke time.

I got up and I was in Luke's onesie with my hair crazy and everywhere. I headed to the kitchen and went to the fridge I opened the freezer and got a full tub of French Vanilla ice cream. I shut the freezer door and I saw the calendar I didn't have my contacts on or my glasses so it was a bit blurry but I saw that today come home? I think for a little while and then I herd knocking on the door.


The door opens and it was Mackenzie.

"Hey babe!!! Are you ready?"

"For what? And could you read this?"

I point to the calendar and her eyes go wide.

"Michaels home." She whispers under her breath.

"No they aren't I thought we..."

And my phone rings She Looks So Perfect as Mackenzie picks up my phone I started to eat the ice cream being sad.

"Hello?...hey Luke! ....oh yeah she's okay don't worry she's right next to me we are at your flat ....oh my gosh ....okay I will ....kay bye."

And she hands me my phone and says.

"THE BOYS ARE HOME!!!!!! They are done being with one direction!! Oh my gosh!!! MICHAEL'S HOME!!! You need to go get Luke at the air port he's waiting."

"Oh okay. I'll see you later then?"

"Of course! Bye baby!"

"Bye Kenzie!"

And she leaves. Mackenzie always calls me either babe or baby I mean she's known me all my life cause she's a year older. But if it wasn't for me she wouldn't be with Michael. I went to Luke's room and get a quick outfit on cause I was so excited.

( http://www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=

10895366&.svc=copypaste&id=132939124 )

I then get into the car and leave driving straight to the airport. I was so excited to see him!

I arrived I then get out and wait for him. My phone goes off and it was Luke.

"Luke! I'm here waiting outside soon as you come outside you should see me."

"Hey babe I'm sorry but I'm looking at this beautiful no.. Gorgeous girl she has black green hair and these beautiful eyes but both are different colors."

"Are you breaking up with me."

And I started to cry.

"Let me finish... She takes my heart away the first time I met her she took my heart away and I kept saying to myself wow she's never gonna like me but a month later she's with me."

"Luke if you don't want to be with me I understand jus-"

"Wait! I'm not done yet."

"Well I'm done okay-" I said but then he said.

"Don't go back to the car turn around."

I turned around and there he was standing there with a worried look. We comes to me and says.

"I was talking about you Allyson."

He then bends down and hugs me tightly I hugged him back and said.

"For fuck sakes Luke! I was afraid you were gonna find someone better than me don't scare me like that again!"

And he puts his face in my neck and says.

"I'm sorry I've missed you so much words cannot explain."


And then he kisses me passionately and I step on my tippy toes feeling his lip ring which was my favorite thing about kissing him.

Then I hear a girl clear her throat and Luke says.

"Oh and Allyson this is my old best friend Kayla I bumped into her on the plane and she didn't have a place to live cause she was suppose to be with her older sister Bethany and she missed her flight so I invited her over until her sister comes."

I actually just wanted time for me and Luke but.

"Okay. Nice to meet you Karla."

"It's Kayla." She says as we shake hands.


"You said Karla it's Kayla." And Luke throws me a glare.

"Oh I'm sorry just a blur going on right now. Luke you drive."

I gave him the keys and sat in the front seat waiting for Luke and Karla, Kayla Kales whatever her name is to get inside.

We then leave the airport and they were talking a storm up not even asking if I was okay or how I was doing so I say.

"I'm doing fine if you were wondering it was hard but I was fine thanks for asking."

Luke looks at me and mouths.


And I roll my eyes and Kayla says.

"I'm sorry Allyson I'm a talker."

"I can see that." I mumble under my breath and Luke shoots me a glare. This is a total W T F moment. How can you treat your best friend better than your girlfriend. Like who does that!!

We get to the house and I get out and open the door with my spare key and I go straight upstairs not helping at all.

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