I Want Amnesia

Allyson is a famous model and a new singer and she's also dating Luke Hemmings. She loves Luke they both love each other and would doge a bullet for each other but what if she goes to surprise him and something else goes on.


1. Hemmelanings

Allyson's POV.....

I'm Allyson Victoria Melanie. I'm 17 years old But anyways I'm dating Luke Hemmings from 5SOS we've been dating for five years now going for six and I'm truly in love with him I just wish that I had more time with him since he's been on tour but that's gonna all end cause I plan on meeting well surprising him with my best friend Mackenzie Loxie. She's dating Michael Clifford I set them up and I'm glad I did cause they are perfect each other but slightly crazy, funny, and young but that's what makes them perfect I mean she's 5ft3 and he's about 6 foot and ya know kinda challenging to kiss but she wears heels but enough about them. In our relationship we've been having ups and downs many times and I'm just really scared that because of the fight and the ups and downs that we both might go our separate ways cause I love him so much words really can not explain and it would hurt me and I know damn well it would hurt him if we broke apart cause of not spending much time together, guys flirting with me, and when either he's drunk or I am but mainly not spending much time together and that's really affection our relationship. But every time I'm free he seems so busy on his phone and he always says it's just work but I'm just super curious but it could be even one of the boys. But I'm just worried about how far our relationship will get to and when I say that I mean I'm scared that it will stop soon.

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