Vampire Queen👑

Short story i wrote this book in a notebook but since i found it in my room I decided to put it on movellas! Hope you like it


2. the ending

The next morning I woke up next to Nathan. Nathan was still asleep. He looked really cute when he asleep. I haven't seen Rick, Blue, or Celest for awhile. We had school.... I got up quietly and went to go change when I came back I felt someone grabbed my arm and pulled me against them. I was going to yell but I heard Nathan's tendered voice say "Good morning my queen." I blushed while I was in his arms. Nathan sat up and so did I. I turned to face Nathan to tell him that I was going to check on Luna but he kissed me stopping my words. I blushed even more. I left to go check on Luna. I stopped because I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. I went to the kitchen. I yelled out.

"NATHAN!" I scream out I felt a pinch on my neck after I yelled my eyes were closing slowly. Boom! I was knocked out.

"VANESSA!" I heard I also heard foot steps. Something was carrying me.


All I remember is someone yelling out my name.

"Hello queen." A random person says to me. I tried to untie my self.

"As you can see I don't like vampires so I have to kill you now." Said the mysterious wolf.

I started to scream as the wolf came closer. I felt someone's hand behind me. C-could it be Nathan! I thought. As I turn Nathan untied me. Nathan was furious. I see that he had fought wolfs because there were marks on his arms. The wolfs ran away because they were scared of Nathan. While I was crying Nathan walked towards me. Nathan looked into my eyes and wiped my tears away from my face. He knew I was scared because I was shaking. He lifted me up like the groom lifts his bride.

"The sun is beautiful today." I said calmed down.

Nathan smiles and walked while I'm in his arms.

I laid my head on his shoulder the whole way home. We got home and Luna came running to me.

"Mommy!" She said crying.

"I'm ok don't worry and don't cry now." I picked her up hugging her and smiling.

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